Daily Archives: December 17, 2015

The toast test

     I was perusing photos today and found this gem.  This proves that not all chaos created in this house is always entirely Jack’s fault.  Jeff and I decided on christmas eve one year to test the theory of toast landing butter side down or will the cat land on his feel.  I picked up this enormous orange cat and Jeff tied a buttered piece of toast to his back (note that we used festive seasonal ribbon).  It was at this point I should have thought this won’t end well this is a bad idea, instead I proceeded to drop the cat.  I’m not sure why my husband and I thought he would land and just stand there calmly like “hey guys look I landed on my feet”.  Jack landed on his feet and realized there was a large square tied to his back that he was sure was going to kill him.  He took off like a shot into the house with us in chase.  I am quite sure that us chasing Jack probably further added to his conclusion that he was in fact sure to die from this killer toast.  Jack’s efforts to escape the toast ended in the basement when he realized that this killer square was in fact covered in butter.  I found him contorted in glee licking butter from the toast and not wanting me to remove his tasty new treat.  So when you wonder which way the toast and the cat will land… just eat the cat and pet the toast.  No I mean eat the toast and pet the cat!
No cats were harmed in the testing of the theory, the toast however sustained fatal injuries and was unable to be saved.