Daily Archives: December 19, 2015

The Odin


     I am always in search of the perfect dog toy.  I look for sturdy well built toys that won’t destroy my house.  Its always a plus if they are food puzzles.  While christmas shopping I found this wonderful toy!  The Odin is a interlocking Dog Treat Toy that is also dishwasher safe.  My labrador loved rolling rolling this toy around and being rewarded for her efforts.  My border collie chose the more intelligent route…. hold it and yell at it until it gives you what you want (he may be spending to much time with me).  The different sized holes allow for a wide variety of treat shapes including kibble.  For a harder toy you can actually connect two toys together.  Gus gives this treat 4paws up and Sheba will throw in enthusiastic tail wags!  The link below will take you straight to this ingenious toy!