Daily Archives: January 2, 2016

Indoor Rabitts

     We raise Giant Chinchillas here at Cacia Farms.  Living in upstate Ny we  can have brutal winters with large amounts of snow and wind.  We move all our rabbits into the garage for winter to protect them from the harsh winters.   This also enables us to continue to breeding throughout the winter.  I have litter trained all my adult rabbits, this makes it easier to manage them in the garage.  Amazingly our rabbits seem to be more reliable using the litter boxes than our indoor cats (but that hasn’t helped my argument that Pete should move into the house).
I like to use large tupperware crates seeing as how our rabbits average 13.5 pounds.  I line the bottom of the bin with Top Bedding used for horse stalls.  This layer is super absorbent which helps reduce any urine smell to nearly none.  On top of the absorbent pellets I put a layer of aspen shavings.   I like to use aspen as it has considerably less dusty than pine shavings.  I also find the aspen to be softer when using in the nest box.  Gus particularly loves helping me change out the litter boxes as each of the rabbits gets to get out and run around the garage.  Gus mostly just follows the girls and Sly but not Pete.  Pete and Gus take turns chasing each other.  I am not sure what Gus thinks of the other rabbits, but I know he knows there will be no herding Pete anywhere.  I do however let Gus help me politely herd all the other adults back into their enclosures.