Daily Archives: January 12, 2016


     Rabbits they are soft and furry as well as tasty and delicious.  When I tell people I raise rabbits followed by we eat them, many people find this offensive.  We raise Giant Chinchillas for meat mostly for our own consumption.  The meat of a rabbit has more protein, less cholesterol, and less fat than many other meats including chicken.  The money that we save in buying meat pays for the food for the rabbits.  Knowing where my food comes from is something that is very important to me.  I raise these rabbits so I know how they were treated as well as the quality of food fed to them.  The first question people ask is “How can you eat them they are so cuddly!”.   Well, we have two bucks and two does all four of our adult breeders have unique personalities and I love them like pets.  The babies on the other hand, are like a pile of little food monsters with Giant ears.  I don’t often socialize the babies as they are intended as food which make it a lot easier to eat them.  I will admit that I would have a very hard time eating any of our adult rabbits as I do love and snuggle on them.  We are looking forward to Annabelle having another litter sometime this week, stay tuned for photos.