Daily Archives: January 31, 2016

The Calling

By Katie Morrison

12631105_10208765995806717_1571966499_oI’ve always enjoyed listening to people talk about what they’re passionate about. You can tell when their face lights up, and they suddenly become more animated. With each question you ask, and the more they share, you can tell they could just go on and on. I’ve always loved animals, and I’ve always wanted to farm. But somehow, at some point in my life I developed self doubt, and I think it started with tiny little, seemingly harmless remarks made by some people in my life at that time. I remember being so intrigued about the idea of sustainable farming when I first began learning about it. I never lost the interest, obviously, because here I am now starting my own little farm. However, at one point I stopped telling people about it. I tucked it in my back pocket, and only took it out when I knew it would be well received. It was a horrible feeling to feel so much excitement for something and want to share it, and have someone tell you it would never come to fruition. I’m a firm believer that we all have gifts and talents that are unique to each of us. I eat, sleep, and dream about farming. Its what I think about when I get up and its the last thing on my mind when I go to bed. The idea of farming never left my mind, so I finally decided that in order for that to happen, certain people needed to leave my life. Some changes I made quickly, like ending a long engagement. Some other ones took longer. I had put off answering my calling for long enough. So I stopped dreaming, wondering and thinking and just started doing. Almost immediately things began falling into place. I began meeting like-minded people. If I needed something, suddenly one of those new like-minded friends had it to lend to me without being asked. Now, when someone asks me about my little Farmette the flood gates open and my heart and soul pour out. I’m not shy about it, and why should anyone be? After years of having my dream being wittled away by nay-sayers I’m finally doing what I was called to do. Now, when I see someone light up about something they’re passionate about I listen with an open mind and an open heart. Because I know how much it can hurt when someone shuts you down. I also know the world of difference it can make for just one person to hear you out and tell you how what you’re doing is important, or wonderful, or interesting. Because that may be all it takes for someone to take the leap, and answer their calling.