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Bunnies have feelings to…

Picture     I spent last night rearranging hosing in the garage for one rabbit.  I am very fond of sly and the big hunky guy likes to see other rabbits.   Sly gets so sad when he can’t see any other rabbits that he won’t eat or drink!  Annabelle is due to have her litter next week Thursday.  The temperatures in upstate New York have been quite cold so I want to be able to heat Annabelle’s house for when she has her babies.  This however requires that I put up more solid walls and and roof meaning Sly would be unable to see his favorite lady. I ended up moving everyone just so Sly can see Dixie.  After I was done rearranging everyone I looked out over my tiny bunny empire and giggled.  I just spent an hour just to make one rabbit happy… but it also made me happy.  I like to know that my animals are happy and enjoying there lives.

Unconditional Love

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his
life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the
last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”
– Unknown
You can see it in their eyes, the love they have and the the joy that you are alive.  They greet you when you come home like its a party everyday.  They watch your back when you don’t see that sheep or cow come up from behind.  These are the creatures that hold it all together when you feel its all falling down.  For some people its just a dog, a cat, a horse, but truly these animals are so much more.  These are the ones filled with love and loyalty.

Fly Fishing  Border Collies

     Jeff went out fly fishing yesterday and decided to take our border collie Gus with him.  In my mind I imagined this beautiful scene of my handsome husband casting his line into the rippling stream as a light snow fell.  Gus our regal border collie laying on the bank patiently waiting for his master to be done fishing.  Well, apparently this is not how Gus’s first fly fishing trip went.  When Jeff came home I asked how he did and how well Gus liked it.  Jeff said that he caught one but lost it before it was landed.  My wonderful husband then proceeded to reenact how well Gus like fly fishing (this was truly entertaining).  Gus is known for his dislike of water which surprised me when Jeff showed me all these pictures of Gus in the stream.
At first Gus thought this was just another adventure with dad thought the woods.  When they got to the stream Gus hung out at the edge of the stream while Jeff got set up.  As Gus was looking around Jeff made his first cast.  This is when the peaceful picture I had in my mind fell apart.  My regal, well bred sheepherding border collie was overcome by the need to chase Jeff’s fly.  Jeff would cast and Gus would proceed to run back and forth chasing the fly.  Although Gus found this to be amazing it brings me back to all the times my dad would tell me “Quit making so much noise you’ll scare all the fish!”.  By this time I’m sure that every trout in a mile radius now knew my husband and Gus were fishing.  When Jeff got to his next fishing location he told Gus his new job would be stay in the truck and guard it with your life.  I don’t know if Gus knew he was being left out of fun fishing time, but he takes every job he has seriously even guarding the truck.

Impending Doom!!

     Jeff and I ate some of my canned chili
for dinner last night.  We also had some biscuits that I had made last week and stored in the freezer.  Gus and I were sitting on the couch together patiently waiting for the biscuits to be done.  Jeff got up to check the biscuits when something terrible happened!   Gus and I heard this horrible BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP…you get the idea.  Well, the biscuits weren’t burnt but they did set off the smoke alarm!  Gus took this as the countdown to the end of the world!  He  immediately climbed on my lap and proceeded to quiver in fear, shaking the entire couch!  I tried really hard feel bad for Gus but it was so adorable, His face said “Mama this may be our last chance to struggle! The world as we know it is over!”.  Jeff took the battery out of the alarm but Gus had already been warned of our impending doom and proceeded to milk the end of the world for all the extra snuggles that he could!

Indoor Rabitts

     We raise Giant Chinchillas here at Cacia Farms.  Living in upstate Ny we  can have brutal winters with large amounts of snow and wind.  We move all our rabbits into the garage for winter to protect them from the harsh winters.   This also enables us to continue to breeding throughout the winter.  I have litter trained all my adult rabbits, this makes it easier to manage them in the garage.  Amazingly our rabbits seem to be more reliable using the litter boxes than our indoor cats (but that hasn’t helped my argument that Pete should move into the house).
I like to use large tupperware crates seeing as how our rabbits average 13.5 pounds.  I line the bottom of the bin with Top Bedding used for horse stalls.  This layer is super absorbent which helps reduce any urine smell to nearly none.  On top of the absorbent pellets I put a layer of aspen shavings.   I like to use aspen as it has considerably less dusty than pine shavings.  I also find the aspen to be softer when using in the nest box.  Gus particularly loves helping me change out the litter boxes as each of the rabbits gets to get out and run around the garage.  Gus mostly just follows the girls and Sly but not Pete.  Pete and Gus take turns chasing each other.  I am not sure what Gus thinks of the other rabbits, but I know he knows there will be no herding Pete anywhere.  I do however let Gus help me politely herd all the other adults back into their enclosures.