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Tomorrow will be the of first of the recipe swap Tuesday.  Tomorrow’s focus will be on pies, Please feel free to comment in the section below tomorrow’s post to post with your favorite pie recipes.  I will be posting a recipe for my husbands favorite apple pie recipe.  Feel free to post not just dessert recipes you can post anything involving pies, including pie dough recipes.  I thank you all for your participation in this new and exciting part of our blog!  The first pie recipe post will be tomorrow!

Swamp Monster

We lovingly call her squish and olive but mostly she is swamp monster. She finds all the dirt outside wallows like a pig in mud holes and eat everything. I am constantly yelling what are you eating most times it sticks and socks.  She is the most amazing little dog and is always happy. Olive is a very bright and seems to know when I’m upset as I suddenly find myself covered in squishy Olive.  


The End

We are done with the home improvement of our current home.  The realtor came Thursday and took pictures of our current home.  As soon as we pick a farm property we like we will put our house up for sale (so we don’t become homeless).  I spent all day yesterday relaxing with the dogs.  I canned cream of mushroom soup, made rabbit broth and canned it, sewed squares for my new quilt project, and worked with Olive on obedience.  This was one of the most peaceful days I have had in a long while.  I can’t even explain how wonderfully relaxing this day was!  I can’t with now until we find our farm.

Missing the buns today

At Cacia Farms we like to ensure that all of our rabbits enjoy life as much as possible, even the ones intended for our freezer. We provide them with top quality food, plenty of room to grow and live in, as well as many treats to have. Our adult rabbits that we use for breeding all have unique personalities. Pete loves to run and he also likes to visit his girls. Pete is not a huge fan of hard treats but loves broccoli stems. Sly loves to snuggle and he will do anything for the hard barley biscuits, he is definitely a people snuggling rabbit. Annabelle prefers not to be handled and doesn’t like to venture to far out of her enclosure. Annabelle loves any sort of treat that comes her way as well as pets on the head. Dixie is a super spicy rabbit and makes her opinions known quickly. She does not like to be picked up, will eat anything you put in front of her including yourself. The great thing about dixie is that she is very food motivated.  I taught her to go “back in your house” on cue where she will run over an get back in her playpen. I handle my rabbit as much as possible and let Jeff know the second something is off.  We moved everyone but dixie and her babies out to our friends farm while our house is up for sale.  I miss sly’s head bumps terribly and pete checking on his lady’s everyday.  Dixie and her babies are doing great and I am very glad to have her here. IMG_3189

Said no farmer ever…

I feel every farmer out that is always thinking if I had a few more acres, a few more dollars, and few more hours.  In my case it is all of the above recently.  Its very exciting to think about buying a bigger farm but at the same time extremely stressful.  Not only do we have to think about buying a home we will be happy and comfortable in but also one that all of the animals will be happy and comfortable.  While we are looking at farms and land we are also finishing all the home improvement projects that we began and never really got finished.  I have been painting the walls and trim (with the ever so helpful Olive to make sure I don’t miss any spots).  We removed the basement bathroom and are getting rid of all those things we never use.  We are so close to being done with the improvements which will be very wonderful.  Olive is a bit covered in paint today as she has been overly helpful today.  I am very excited to dream about having a barn full of rabbits and sheep with a beautiful home to live in.  7485102_orig.jpg

Out of Steam

I spent the day shuttling rabbits to our friends barn for her to watch while we sell our house.  Dixie did remain with us since she has a brand new litter.  Olive went with me today to be my copilot, which she did a great job of.  I stopped to get gas and stopped again for food at sonic on the way.  While we were waiting for our food Olive suddenly realized the car was full of rabbits… excellent observation skills!  Once the car was full of fuel and my belly was warm and full we headed out to drop of the rabbits.  After we dropped the rabbits off we headed to the barn to visit and ride Ace.  While on the way we were stopped by a train which Olive found fascinating.  Ace and Olive did well together she licked his nose (which he didn’t much appreciate but didn’t complain) and ace was polite to Olive.  I was brave and rode Ace without lunging him and although he was very spicy and full of himself he was a good boy.  I have made it home and am going to start cleaning the garage.    I hope that you all had an excellent day as well!


I sit here and watch as the memories play by,
The moment when I walked out of this house to marry you.
The dinners I made us in the kitchen,
The houseplants I killed in this house.

We made this house a home for us,
Now we are leaving it to someone else.
Buying a new house that we must fill,
We must start over build a new home.

I am over the moon about buying a farm,
Looking out into my backyard to find Ace.
To raise our children gardening and farming,
Build a place to once again call home.

So I sit here watching as the menories play by,
Wondering what new memories will be made in my home.
Will they love this home as I have loved this home,
Will the happiness I found here find them too.

Yesterday I announced we are looking for a farm and selling our home.  Today we went to look at a property and moved all the extra things in this house to storage.  My husband is returning the rental truck while I exercise the dogs.  I am sitting on the couch listening to Sheba snore while thinking of all the things that happened in this house.  They were happy and they were sad we conquered what feels like the world in this house.  We got two dogs that only happen once in your lifetime in this home.  We built a home here and experience joy and sorrow here.  I couldn’t see past my excitement for my future farm until now.  Now its real our belongings are in storage and we are looking at properties.  I hope that the joy this home has brought us finds the new owners.  I know that my memories belong only to me and that they will in fact come with me.  That however doesn’t make it any easier to let go of the home we have built here.  K&J-450

Snow Angels

We spent a good portion of the evening moving our rabbit hutches and compost from our backyard into the front yard driveway.  Both the compost as well as the hutches are quite heavy.   The hutches also boast the quality of being both heavy, large, and awkward.  We used a sled to pull them through the 2 foot deep snow.  Once they were in the driveway I was so happy to be done with this project I flopped down in the snow!  While in the snow I made a wonderful snow angel (my second in my lifetime).  Now you may be wondering why we are moving these things during the middle of winter.  Well we have finally decided this tiny plot of suburban land is too small to contain our farm any longer.  We are in the process of finding a more suitable farm to live on.  This also means many hours of painting and updating in our house with a three month old puppy.  Our rabbits will be moving to a good friend of ours farm for the duration of our house being up for sale.  This makes me both happy and sad.  I will be happy to be moving to a larger property but am very upset about not having my rabbits on property to watch.  Dixie who just had a litter of 8 will remain here with us until they are big enough to handle the cold.  Gus is super excited to hopefully have sheep at home with us and I am very excited to have Ace in my backyard very soon.

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