Daily Archives: February 1, 2016


We7485102_orig.jpg have such wonderful readers that we ran out of room on our old website.  I know change is hard (mostl
y for me) so please be patient with us as we are transitioning to our beautiful new website.  The address will stay the same but the look is all new!  There is now a follow button for you to click on.  I will no longer be notifying you via Facebook of new posts so be sure to click on the follow button.  We also have a facebook page and twitter so if you are not already following us be sure to do so!  We hope that you like our new page as much as we do.  There are some really exciting things happening at Cacia Farms and not just on the internet so stay tuned!

The thaw…

Spring is a lovely time flowers, birds chirping, baby animals, and mud.  Every year I get so excited for spring to come then remember that includes my yard thawing.  We have three dogs in our house which means a large quantity of poop accumulates over the winter months.  I try to clean the yard in winter as often as I can but that can be hard with snow and freezing.  Gus our border collie happens to love mud.  He really enjoys making it bigger and messier.  When he was a puppy he made several large holes in the yard to play and splash in, he was always so proud of himself.  I sent Olive with Jeff to work yesterday for a spa day, she got a bath and her nails trimmed (and many snuggles I’m sure).  She came home and her and Gus were promptly covered in muck.  Her little Australian Shepherd coat seems to work more like a sponge!  I look forward to all of the muddy laundry I will be doing this spring and you can all look forward to many muddy dog photos!IMG_0640