Monthly Archives: March 2016

Good Things

Lots of exciting things happening today at Cacia Farms!  We accepted an offer on our house, this means I don’t have to wake up every morning and coral kitties.  Tomorrow we have the inspection on the future bigger home of Cacia Farms.  We will also have an opportunity to take pictures of the house as well as look more closely at the pastures.  Lastly, Ewestace was joined today by another bottle lamb whose mother didn’t want her.  My husband got to name this one and he chose to call her Lamb Chop.  Ewestace was extremely excited to have another lamb to play with.



Its official we put our house up for sale today.  It is exciting, stressful and bittersweet all at once.  We are very happy to look forward to moving to our new farm that is about 50 minutes east of where we are now.  I will have 22 beautiful acres to farm with my dogs, and most exciting for me move my horse home.  I can’t quite express in words all the emotions running through me but the strongest is defiantly joy.  My husband and I have not been able to stop dreaming and talking about what we plan to do with the farm.  I do have to admit that I am not at all excited that I have to keep this house spotlessly clean until it is sold, that isn’t an easy feat when you have 3 dogs and a sheep living here.  Look forward to more updates as they come up!

Farmer’s Bucket list

As my husband and I have been looking for a farm we have been discussing what each of us wants the farm to be.  I have realized that I have many big dreams and quite a lot of things to do before I die.  My friends sheep had lambs this week and I agreed to watch a bottle lamb, this has been something I have always wanted to do.  This made me realize that I have many things on my bucket list that might be a bit different than most people.  We will have to see what else I can accomplish once we move to the farm! 


Ram Lamb

My friend Amanda’s Ewes have started lambing, I had agreed to help her with any bottle lambs she had this year.  I was in the middle of making a very cute fabric basket when Amanda called saying she had a bottle lamb for me.  I headed out to the farm to find a very cute and very hungry little black ram lamb.  The lamb is set up in my sewing room in a tub with shavings and I put this inside of a crate.  We are hoping that this little lamb will do well  and he arrived just in time for easter!

Putting Away

We have all had those days when we don’t want to cook or we aren’t feeling well.  I try to cook enormous amounts of food that freezes or cans well when I can: chicken, turkey, burgers, chicken stock, chili and anything else I can preserve well.  This makes my life profoundly easier when I may not be feeling well or just don’t want to cook.  Today I made pulled pork for dinner and will freeze the rest in dinner size portions.  I also made chicken stock in the big stock pot since I used the last of it this week, I will can that tomorrow.  Jeff made burgers out of the remaining ground venison in the freezer and cooked it to freeze.  This makes me even more excited for summer when I will have the garden to can veggies for the winter.  I truly hope that spring will arrive and stay so I can get started on my little garden.1449149496.png

Catching up after days off…

I had a wonderful week off with my husband!  We looked at properties, went fishing and just hung out together.  I had my first lesson of the year with Ace this morning, for being off all winter we both did really nicely and worked well as a team.  Ace even trotted over the tarp like it was no big deal at all.  That horse never ceases to amaze me at the things he does.  I am looking forward to quite a few very exciting things coming up soon so stay tuned for those.  I would also like to mention that I am not impressed with mother nature and the snow today.IMG_3229


Trees seem to be the only house plants I can reliably grow.  Lately George Cat has taken up residence inside the lemon tree.  I am happy that spring is on its way so that I can put my trees outside.  Planting time is also coming soon so I am spending today checking my seeds to make sure that I have everything I want.  I hope spring has everyone else as excited as I am.2590346_orig.jpg


It was a beautiful day outside Saturday and Jeff took Gus and Olive to work with him.  Sheba spent some time outside laying in the sun, while I finished cleaning the house and opening the windows to air out the house.   I planned a  wonderful day getting some quilting done and when Jeff got home we had a dinner date night.  Spring is almost here I can feel it and I haven’t finished my spring wall hanging!  That is what I planned to get done this weekend.  Sunday we went out to move our rabbits of of the duck enclosure and into another part of the barn.  After the bunnies were moved we got to work Gus on the sheep.  Gus and I worked great as a team even after months of being off.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!IMG_3132