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The greatest place on earth…

The first dog I seriously trained was my labrador Sheba who makes a pretty high standard.  Olive however is quickly rising to the occasion by being excellent at everything (I may have a small case of my dog is amazing and does no wrong).  Next to sheep camp Olive is pretty sure puppy class is the greatest place on earth.  Today was our first puppy class together and she did great!  Olive was impressed with me hand feeding her treats and I was impressed with how well Olive did.  We decided to try someplace new this time for puppy class.  We chose See Spot Think in pittsord to go to and loved it.  Olive is in a small class of all female (just by chance) dogs of varying sizes.  I was a little worried about Olive with the little dogs but she was great and treated them carefully just like her rabbits.  The trainer Cindy Harrison was wonderful she explained everything to everyone as we were doing it as well as explaining why we were doing some things.  I look forward to my next class with Olive and would defiantly recommend See Spot Think to anyone in the rochester area.

See Spot Think WebsiteIMG_3227


As a woman I sometimes struggle with confidence, as a person with fibromyalgia I struggle a lot with confidence when it comes to physical things.  I don’t always know how my body will react and how it will affect me…like my spring crazy horse.  After a winter with several injuries on my part I was not able to ride as consistently as I wanted with Ace.  When I went to the barn yesterday to ride my sweet fuzzy  horse, I was met by a spring crazy fuzzy mud monster.  I had anticipated him being a bit crazy and out of sorts, which led me to lunge him first.  Lunging Ace usually gives me a pretty good idea of what kind of ride I am in for, today was cantering, bunking and rearing.  I spent most of the winter recovering from one fall after another and was not prepared to get on cantering and bucking Ace, I had lost my confidence.  The whole time Ace was being his crazy self (which I have come to know well and truly love) Theresa was mucking stalls in the stalls behind the indoor.  I would be lunging and see her walk by as Ace continued to be his spicy self.  Once Ace was finally listening and doing what I asked, I had a choice to make.  My first choice which is what I had decided on when I saw how spicy he was today was to only lunge him and not ride, I however chose option two be brave and get on.  I yelled to Theresa that I was getting on, and climbed aboard.  Once seated safely in my saddle I took a deep breath, I asked Ace to walk.  Ace took my cue to walk and we walked calmly off … until I asked for a trot then he offered his rodeo horse impression.  Ace is the first horse I have owned, needless to say I was not prepared for him.  Since landing at Troyer’s Equimeadows I have spent many hours with Theresa Troyers and Ace learning how to handle my horse and his big personalty and quirks.  Theresa has taught me how to be big and loud and brave to conquer my 1200 pound beasty.  This brings me back to confidence I don’t know how many times I have thought to myself in stressful situations that If can handle Ace I can handle anything!  Ace and Theresa have taught me to be brave, courageous and confident in more than just horsemanship.  I by no means consider myself trained and ready for the world with Ace, I look forward to working with Ace and growing our relationship together.IMG_1092

The sun will come out!

I got to visit my bunnies this weekend at the farm.  The babies are getting very big and annabelle loves all the hay she is getting.  Sly is super happy all the time as long as he can see the other buns.  I think Sly has also made friends with the ducks as well.  Pete however is completely unimpressed with the farm, the ducks and living outside.  I will probably bring dixie and her growing babies out to the farm and bring my Pete home, as I don’t think he is enjoying his stay at the farm.  I also got to see the new lambs at the farm.  They are adorable and there moms were extremely angry at us for snatching them to snuggle.  I love the sheep and very much enjoy seeing them move.  Since we had left all the dogs at home when we left (we went to an open house at a farm on a farm on the way), when we let the rest of the sheep out we didn’t notice that one of the ewes had twine wrapped around its body.  We walked all the way out to the farthest corner of the field to bring the sheep back in to remove it.  I kept joking with Amanda that I would make an excellent herding dog.  I am very excited to get to move to the farm (once we finally find one).  It will be wonderful to have Ace at home, my bunnies at home, and some sheep for Gus to herd and me to snuggle.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!IMG_3339

Out of town…

My husband is planning guys weekend coming soon and will be out of cell reception.  Historically this means something here at home will go horribly wrong, I will then be unable to reach my husband leaving me to fend for myself.  He joked this morning while we were eating breakfast which pet is going to get sick while he is gone?  I laughed and immediately said Olive.  We both looked out the window to see Olive eating twigs.  This brings me to the first time this phenomenon happened.  We lived in the rental house in Irondequoit,  Jeff had bought me flowers for my birthday, and as any good wife should do I forgot to water them but they lived on anyway.  He left Friday morning and when I got home form work that Friday night I found flower bits all over the floor.  Well as any good Veterinarian will tell you lilies are toxic to cats, we have three cats.  Since I was unable to ascertain the culprit of this crime.  In my panic and hysteria I packaged all the cats up and headed back to work (I was a tech and the veterinary emergency center at the time).  I called on the way there to let them know I was coming, the first question everyone asked was why did you have lilies in the house?  Well, I have a good husband who trusted the florist when she said there are no lilies.  I am not a plant expert so I didn’t think anything of it until flower bits were all over the floor.  Any of you who have met our cats knows them they have very distinct personalities, George is literally named George Cat like a bobcat she will eat you.  Snugglepants may sound amazing but he becomes like an enraged opctupus when doing anything with him that isn’t couch snuggling.  Then there is Jack who is loud and stresses out easily.  I am sure that Jack thought I had abducted him and taken him to a place of torture never to be seen again.  They all got IV catheters, bloodwork and meds to make them vomit in case there were any lilly bits left in there stomachs.  Our cats spent the entire weekend at the emergency hospital on fluids to make sure they would be ok if any of them had in fact ingested the lilies.  Everyone came out of this fine and now I usually get daisies which is fine I love daisies.  Lets all hope for an uneventful weekend here.K&J-875

Apple Pie

Preheat Oven to 420

6 cups sliced apples
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1 Tablespoon cinnamon

Top Crust:
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup flour
1/2 cup butter

Place pie crust in bottom of pie pan.  Combine suage, flour and cinnamon with apples.  Place the apple filing in the pie crust.  Combine brown sugar, flour and butter in a bowl.  Sprinkle over top of pie filling covering the entire top.  Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 375 and bake for 45 minutes.

Please feel free to post your favorite pie recipe in the comments belowIMG_3286