Daily Archives: April 10, 2016

Family Feud

I love my border collie, I even love his incredible ability to learn so quickly (most times).  When he was a puppy my husband and I accidentally taught Gus that “Good Boy” meant jump on me and I will pet you.  My husband an I have both been sick this weekend meaning less exercise for the nutty herding dogs.  I have been on the couch for the last hour or so with Snugglepants our black cat sitting behind me.  Gu7893750.jpgs and Snugs have had a long standing feud in this house.  When Gus was a puppy Snugs would stalk Gus and swat him.  This has now turned into Gus stalking Snugs until Snugglepants looses his patience and chases Gus across the house.  Gus seems to get especially upset when the cats sit with me and has been staring at the cat for some time now.  I got tired of Gus’s hot breath on my arm and kept making him back up.  Without realizing he was doing this Gus would back up out of my line of sight then stand really cl
ose behind the couch.  After a few times of me telling Gus to back up I only had to look at him and he would back up.  I soon realized that my border collie had once again outsmarted  me and was in fact standing closer now to the kitty by standing behind the couch.  There is never a dull day here with a border collie in the house.