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Meat Pig

I went to pick up our pig yesterday, we named her Lola.  She is an Old Spot Yorkshire cross that we plan to grow out for ourselves to eat.  I might not have planned my trip the best since the crate I grabbed didn’t have a door on it so I had to use a bag of shavings to block the entrance.  I also should have taken the truck so that the stinky pig would have been in the back instead of right behind my seat.  I have to say that Lola was not to happy about being snatched from her pigpen and placed in a new pigpen.  She has yet to give me any hope we might be friends as she charges the fence everytime I go out there.  I am sure that she will warm up to us in time but until then I will continue to not get in her pigpen!

Long Days

We have been at the farm just over a week now and still love it!  My mom left yesterday to go back home to Oklahoma and we are so grateful for all the things she helped us do.  Everything that we moved here has been unpacked, however we still have things at my in-laws house as well as storage.  I am going to pick up our first piglet tomorow her little pigpen is all set up behind the house until she gets big enough that I won’t have to worry about her getting eaten by something down in the pasture.  I have discovered that predators are a serious problem here.  That has led Jeff and I to decide that we will be getting a livestock guardian.  You may think 4 dogs is too many and so do we that is why we are getting a llama instead!  Thats right the person who said they would never get a llama (that’s me not my husband) is getting a llama.  This was prompted by the incredibly sad news this week that my favorite bottle lamb Lamb Chop got eaten this week by a coyote in broad daylight!  As you can imagine this upset me deeply and the idea of my lambs getting picked off one by one has prompted me to get my sheep their own security detail.  Look forward to updates on the arrival of by far the goofiest looking creature we have gotten.  Annabelle and Dixie are both due to kindle mid week next week and have both enthusiastically built amazing nest (they are both early nesters).  I find if I give my girls their boxes a little early they seem to be more relaxed and less frantic closer to their kindling date (this is not the case for all rabbits).  I will keep everyone posted when they have their babies!  Lastly my pasture is coming together, my mom and I cleared a path to the pasture so that we can see it from the house.  My mom ran the weed whacker like a maniac bent on murder while I lopped off sumac trees.  My oh so wonderful neighbor is meanwhile cutting the shoulder tall grass to a more manageable hight of shin high.  Jeff and I plan to put of fencing and shelter for the sheep this weekend so that I can bring home some of my sheep including my last bottle lamb Ewestace.  Thats all I have for updates I will post pictures tomorrow of the little piglet.

Settling In

The farm is absolutely wonderfully amazing, Jeff and I are loving it here and couldn’t be happier.  My mom has been incredibly helpful with helping to unpack the house and get us settled in.  My husband has been wonderful getting all the furniture into place for me and helping me build my chickens a coop to live in (which they love and are super happy about).  We have run into a few snags like the lawn mower not working, a giant hole in the pool that needs to be repaired and no gas line for our gas dryer.  My husband is currently pounding away in the dungeon running a new gas line for the dryer so we can do laundry.  My dogs are also relieved they don’t have to live on the farm on tie out leashes since Jeff has put up there fenced in area for them.

Arrived at our destination

We finally made it to the farm, and only in two trips (which is pretty amazing in itself)!  It’s as beautiful and peaceful as I remembered and better than I had hoped it would be.  We are planning on getting the house somewhat settled today or at least the kitchen settled into.  Last night when we went to bed we could see so many fireflies outside our bedroom window.  I don’t remember the last time I saw fireflies let alone so many of them.  As I sitting on the back porch with Gus this morning I am watching a wild cottontail munch on my jungle of a hill behind the house (Gus hasn’t noticed it yet).  I am hoping to get the chickens out and on grass today and all the rabbits have settled in nicely to their new yard.


Counting Boxes

Well the big day is quickly approaching!  We close on both of our houses on Wednesday and thankfully my mom came to help finish packing.  It is so exciting that come this time next week we will be sitting on our front porch watching Ewestace and Lamb Chop munch on grass in the pasture.  I can’t wait for Olive and Gus to get to run wild on all the space they will have.  I have even talked my mom into going with me next Monday to pick up a grower pig with me for Jeff and I to grow this fall.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates this week!

Riding Lawn Mowers

Sitting on my fancy new (well new to me) riding lawn mower in the drive way brought me back to all the fond memories of my childhood.  We had a temperamental lawn mower that  stood up to two kids driving it as well as my mom.  When I called my mom to tell her about my lawn mower we had quite a few laughs about the lawn mower.  My dad lovingly referred to my mother’s lawn mowing skills as a bat out of hell catching air!  When I was very little my mom built my brother and I an amazing swing set… that my mother caught the front of the lawn mower on and tipped it up on its end.  Then when I was old enough to be “trusted” to mow the lawn I ran the lawn mower into a tree dead center.  I couldn’t decide which side of the tree to go on so I just gave up in the end.  All these were great for some good laughs while mowing my tiny lawn at lightning speed tonight.  I think this lawn mower will be great for our farm!

Bronwyn’s OXTAIL SOUP — The Foundation / P4C Cookbook

(Family recipe my grandfather made frequently) Ingredients 5 Qts water 1 package or a whole Oxtail (beef tail) 10-13 beef bouillon cubes 1 cup sliced carrots 1½ cups chopped celery 1½ cups barley Pinch of oregano Directions Bring oxtail to boil in water with 10 bouillon cups; cover, reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour. […]

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