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The big kid room…

I spent half the week painting the upstairs bedroom (which is twice as big) so that Jeff and I could move upstairs.  Amazingly I didn’t get any paint on any pets and only a little on me.  As we were cleaning up after the painting stuff Jeff suggested we clean the carpet, it smelled a little musty from being closed and the previous owners of the home smoked so it still smelled a little of smoke.  I recently became a member of Young Living Essential Oils and I thought this the perfect time to test them again.  I have been super pleased so far every time I have used them on ourselves as well as in the house!  I looked up how to make a carpet deodorizer which I was thankfully surprised was so easy.  All needed was their Purification oil and their Thieves oil mixed into baking soda (which we buy in bulk for the sheep).  I put 1 cup of baking soda 10 drops of Purification and 5 drops of the Thieves, after whisking this together I let it sit on the counter for 20 minutes.  This fit perfectly into a half pint mason jar with a lid with holes in it which sprinkled perfectly on the carpet.  We waited 20 minutes to vacuum this up and it smelled so amazing, it was citrusy and bright with no hint of the previous odor!  With our bed moved upstairs and we are mostly moved and it is s much brighter and happier upstairs (I also don’t have to think skinny thoughts to get out of bed so close to the wall).  You can get the mason jar lids here and the mason jars here.IMG_4203

Sadly he has no thumbs…

The most useful farm tool that I have is by far our Border Collie Gus, he proves to be helpful more than I can count.  I know that if the sheep we’re to get out that I wouldn’t have to much trouble getting them back with Gus’s help (Purdy is another story) which is a load off my mind.  This morning when I went down to do morning chores I saw that Jenny one of the brown spotted ewes had become tangled in the electric net fence (it wasn’t on which is probably why she was in it).  Jenny has a very naughty habit of eating grass on the other side of the fence… because that’s where it is greenest of course!  This obviously upsets Purdy deeply, she was standing near Jenny making pitiful cooing noises that her sheep was stuck and she also didn’t have thumbs.  As I was freeing the sheep from the fence (which she didn’t appreciated at all) I thought if only Gus had thumbs he could have done this for me.  This is a picture of Jenny a couple weeks ago eating grass through the field fence, it was at that moment I thought this is going to be a problem.IMG_4151

Clearing the Sumac Forest…

When I sit on my porch I think about how great it would be to be able to see all the way to the pasture.  I don’t however think about how much work it will actually be to cut and now down the forest that currently obstructs my view.  We actually do need this cleared for more than being able to see the pasture.  A small two stall horse barn is being delivered soon to house our two horses and we will need to run electric to which is straight through this jungle. You might say why do you need electric well we don’t have to have it but we also want to add a well in the pasture which will need electric. Another pro of having electric is that I can hear the water tanks in the fall so I don’t have to carry so much water in the winter. So I’m off to continue clearing away the brush. 


Purdy our guard llama has been here about a week now and I couldn’t be more pleased with her!  She bonded very quickly with her sheep especially Ewestace, they all sleep together in the shelter at night even though I no longer shut them in.  Every time I go down to give Purdy her breakfast or dinner she always comes right over to the fence as I am walking down to make sure it isn’t a threat to her sheep.  I often look down from the house to see Purdy rolling around in the grass and just lazing around during the day, she seems to be very happy and comfortable here.  Olive has been down to meet Purdy and I don’t think either one of them plans to be lifelong friends, Gus however quickly learned to give Purdy her space and she will leave him alone.  I was a bit worried about working Gus on the sheep with Purdy loose but they did fine last night as long as Gus doesn’t get to quick everyone did great.  I am also pleased with how friendly our llama is she eats grain from our hands and is very easily approachable.  The rest of Purdy’s sheep will be coming home tomorrow so she will have four new ewes to watch after and both rams will also be coming as well (they however will be staying in a separate pasture).

Dreams Really Do Come True

Yesterday we finished the first fence meaning ewestace and company could come home.  I went to pick up the three ewes about five with Jeff’s truck.  Amanda kindly caught all three ewes and got them into the back of the truck (ewestace started screaming her protests immediately upon being place in the truck).  It was now time to drive home I made it out of the farms drive before I became overcome with fear ewestace would pop open the hatch and lead a daring escape (which thankfully didn’t happen despite my worry the whole way home).  Once home Jeff got all three ewes from the truck to the pasture without incident.  We walked the fence one more time for peace of mind then left the girls to settle in. When dusk came it was time to put the girls in their house for the night, well Eeestace led the rebellion not going in the house.  This meant we needed the Border Collie after all, to put the sheep away.  I had not yet told Gus we brought his sheep home and he was really confused why I kept making him lay down and stay the whole way to the pasture (I thought we could at least start out with him listening). When we rounded the corner of the lane he spotted his very own sheep and immediately realized it was serious time.  Gus listened so well and did what I asked him and we got all three sheep in their house (even the unruly Ewestace). I had forgotten Gus’s habit of getting in the water trough after herding as a reward until I turned around and saw my very happy Border Collie cooling off after his job well done!