Daily Archives: August 3, 2016

Farm update

I thought I would give a general update on the farm for everyone today.  Lola the pig and I have come to an understanding, which is Lola isn’t allowed to taste me or eat me when I go into her enclosure and I will continue to feed her.  Instead of charging me and trying to taste me she now will stand on the other side of her pen while I feed her and change her water.  I know this is progress but I still wish she was a little friendlier but then again she is intended to be a christmas ham so if it makes her happy to dream about eating the human then I guess that is fine too.  The chickens are getting big and look less like tiny dinosaurs and more like chickens that may lay me eggs soon.  Purdy has settled in very nicely to her pasture and takes her job of sheep guardian very seriously unless one of them is trying to eat her grain then she will tell them not to kindly she likes her space at mealtimes.  The sheep are wonderful and amazing and I love them.  I think that the sheep have to be one of my favorite parts of my farm so far.  I have to admit that I do have a favorite sheep and most surprisingly it isn’t Ewestace.  Purl one of our Lincoln Longwools has the sweetest disposition she comes over every time that I am in the pasture to get head and back scratches and to check if I brought her any goodies (which I usually do).  The house is coming together and my upstairs carpets still smell amazing.  We are almost finished moving upstairs which means I just have to start unpacking the last of the boxes we have into the downstairs bedroom.  Oh and lastly in investigating our water situation for animals it has been decided that we are going to have to dig a new well.  I am not overly excited about this prospect not only because it sounds expensive but it will stress out the animals (and me) but I am glad that soon we will have plenty of water for everyone.