Monthly Archives: September 2016

Looks can be deceiving 

I may look like an adult who is all grown up but in reality I might just be a little girl at heart whose dreams have come true.  Growing up I asked for a horse again and again.  At christmas I always joked when guessing what my presents were that it would be a pony.  I dreamed of having a beautiful farm with a border collie and some sheep.  Well I did get my farm, dog, sheep, and horses and they all live in my backyard.  What I never thought to ask for as a kid was someone to share it all with.  I couldn’t be more thankful for a wonderful husband that loves our farm just as much as I do.


From a lamb’s point of view…

Ewestace wants you all to know she is super excited fall is here and the leaves are starting to change. She is not however excited that means the border collie comes to visit her more often to move the sheep.  Ewestace just doesn’t understand why the border collie feels the need to keep moving them all over the pasture … Silly dog.  

Settled In

We are in the home stretch of moving to the farm. All the animals are present and accounted for as well as settled in nicely to their new souroundings.  There are still a couple things left to do before winter like getting all the hay for sheep and horses here and covered.  We also have to arrange in the next month getting two of the meat lambs processed as well as the pig for winter meat for ourselves.  I cannot possibly express how happy I am to have my horses home.  They are so happy all the time and greet me at the gate each time I come down.  Ace is calm and polite when I ask him to do things and has adjusted to having sheep, llama and a pig for pasture neighbors.  Gus is excited to really buckle down this fall working his sheep to get ready for spring herding trials!