Daily Archives: October 21, 2016

Taken to our grave…

These are the fears we had, the emotions never expressed and the things we never shared. It might have been a text that was never sent, for fear of your response. A conversation we never had because we knew what your response would be. That time we were going to ask for help, but was to afraid of what would be said. That time you came over and we wanted to talk but it was all about you. We hold all of these things so close so not to be judged or speeched to. We don’t want to hear about how someone has it worse, or that you know what we are going through. The truth is that you don’t, you may have read about it once, or known someone like us, but you don’t know what we go through. Looking on the bright side isn’t really an option, as we can’t see past the darkness. That sparkling personality may be hidining the pain we hold. One day that mask will break, the darkness will overcome, we might ask for help…will you be there to listen.

In a time when everyone has access to so many outlets of social media, resources on the internet human interaction is still most important.  We all know someone or are someone who struggles with something, whether that is depression, chronic pain, ptsd, or any other thing including struggling with life itself.  Its important to understand that you may not fully understand what they are going through or need from you but sometimes it is someone to just be there for them.  Being understanding and listening to what those you love have to say can go a long way.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255