Monthly Archives: July 2017

At it again!

I went out to collect eggs today to find a certain chicken trying to hatch chicks!  After all the talks I have had with Betty she is still determined to hatch eggs.  This just continues to prove olives theory that birds and not smart creatures!

My job huh…?

The conversations I have with Betty my Orpington hen never cease to amaze me.  Today this is what I got from her while collecting eggs!

Betty:  You know it’s kinda rude to come out here and steal my eggs every day.  I work really hard for those. 

Me:  Well Betty that’s your job to make eggs, and it’s my job to collect them.  

Betty:  I want a new job one that is appreciated more!

Me:  Well Betty you’re a chicken so there is two options for you. Laying Hen or meat chicken.  You pick. 

Well Betty couldn’t get the words out fat enough that I can have all the eggs always and she will never stop laying eggs for me!


We moved the new chickens out to the chicken yard today. They are still to small to be with the big girls but this way everyone can get to know each other until then.  Next week we will add a bigger run space for them as they get used to being outside!