Monthly Archives: August 2017

A little paint never killed anyone…

Home improvement projects are well under way here at the farm!  Staying home with a 7 month old kid and three dogs can make me a little stir crazy at times.  Henley and I decided one day to rip out he carpet in the stairs.  This was about a month ago.  It went a bit like this…

Me: Hen, Olive let redo the stairs!

Hen: sequels Witt glee from her pack and play (she must approve)!

Olive:  Well mom you know I love destroying things but is dad going to come home be mad and blame me?

Me:  No olive I will take full responsibility for this.  

It was at this point I realized that both my daughter Henley and my partner in crime Olive were not exactly on board.  I decided I was on my own with this project.

I began to rip out carpet under the ever watchful supervision of Olive and Henley.  When I started this project I though 11 stairs that won’t take me long at all.  Well I forgot to take into account the 7 month old baby that would interrupt me every 30 minutes (about how long it takes to get settled into a project).   Needless to say it took longer than expected (a couple weeks) but they look great!


The tiny velociraptors are moving up in the world!  They have been moved from their tiny chicken nursery to the big dog kennel to finish growing up.  The adult chickens are still mad that they can’t get in there and eat all there yummy chick grower!