Monthly Archives: February 2018

Down the hatch …

My cats are pretty good mousers which I normally think is excellent, today not so much. I knew he had one cornered and he normally eats them. What made today different is he had in fact just eaten breakfast so wasn’t super hungry. I heard quite a bit of ruckus coming from the kitchen followed by the patter of feet’s running towards the living room. Now if I was more awake I would have realized what was coming I however just sat here like a statue. Snugs (the cat) in an effort not to loose his prize was making a b-line for the living room. Our living room is fenced off for the baby so the dogs don’t run her over. Snuggle pants saw this as an ideal place to play with his very much undead mouse. The cat made it over the fence and I was able to wake up enough before olive our Aussie came flying over the fence after him. Well I thought phew crisis averted until I turned around and to my horror my kid was headed straight for the rodent. I made a dive for the mouse at the same time as my kid. The cat seeing his life flash before his eyes disappeared behind the couch. I am sure that as I snatched that mouse off the floor just moments before my dear sweet child it was relieved thinking it might just be saved. Not so poor creature. This mouse must have had a opossum as a distant cousin because he was quite clearly not as bad off as he made out to be. As soon as I had him he came quite alive which scared the living daylights out of me resulting in me flinging the creature into the dining room. As I saw the mouse flying through the air I realized the it was headed straight for olive. Like a champ this is the one time she catches something that I throw instead of it so gracefully and ladylike having it bounce off her face. Well no amount of me saying leave it or drop it would have saved that critter. As olive puts it possession is 9/10 of the law so she caught it’s hers making her only 10% naughty. Down the hatch that mouse was gone and I’m sure Snugglepants is still behind the couch planning his revenge.

Another Row

As our closing date looms ever closer I try to focus on the dreams in my life and not as much on what is currently happening.  Pete our rabbit gets shipped out on Sunday and going to stay with a wonderful family until we find our new farm.  He will temporarily have a very cushy life living indoors with a few kids to sneak him treats.    I had a little chat with him not to take his vacation to far as he will be expected to get right to work when he returns so he shouldn’t indulge in too many cookies!  Next Sunday Purdy and Ewestace will be taken to their temporary home where Purdy will get to watch over quite a large flock of sheep with sooo many lambs.  Ewestace will get to get into all sorts of trouble pretending she is a pregnant ewe when in reality she is just really really fat.  On Sunday the horses are also being picked up by their temporary home (which is the same as Purdy and Ewestace). Badger is going to have the good life being the most handsome horse on the premisises (I tell Ace the same thing…) and Ace is going to spend some quality time with a trainer.  After moving, being pregnant and getting past the infant stage Ace and I are both out of shape and a little rusty.  I figured If I was paying to board the fuzzy guy he might as well get smarter!  We just have to schedule to drop off the wooly sheep and move the last of the boxes out and we will be off to new adverntures.  In the meantime I will be doing so much knitting to combat my stress of all of my farm animals living with someone else.  Just one more row…

Chaos With A Side Of Crazy

I haven’t been very good about blogging consistently lately and here is a post for all of you who have been wondering what we are up to.  Most of the time my days are filled with dirty diapers, dirty dishes, and dirty dogs with a bit of knitting thrown in on the side.  The soundtrack to my life has become Disney movies on repeat with barking dogs in the background.  As the closing date for our farm looms ever closer my furniture is being replaced with a city of boxes filled with our belongings.  The storage container in our driveway is a constant reminder that we will soon leave this farm which is bittersweet.  I know that we are going to a new adventure and will find a new farm (hopefully soon) but I will still be very sad when the day comes that we drive away for the last time.  All of the animals have a place to stay for the time being that we are still looking for a farm and we will be staying with family.

A journey

This journey of moveing hasn’t exactly been filled with happiness.   When I call my realtor to look at properties I always ask her if she is ready for an adventure.  I know that once this whole process is over with and the stress of moveing is done we will be so grateful.  In the meantime I will try to find joy or at least humor in the journey and wear each gray hair I’m getting with honor!