Monthly Archives: August 2018

Wonder Dog

Well it’s only 8am here and I have already had to wrangle the sheep twice. Until yesterday I would say our ram is an angel who never escapes …. until yesterday. Unfortunately wonder dog Gus does not move Cliff our ram. The ram just stares at Gus and Gus gets frustrated. This means every time Cliff gets out I have to walk out and put a halter on him and drag him back to where he is supposed to be. Well this morning I have had enough so he gets to spend the day with his new pal Hubert. I was going to move Norma over with the big girls but in true farming fashion she flopped down and played dead. I had Henley strapped to me so I wasn’t in the mood for dragging Norma to the other pasture. Everyone will just have to get along today. After I got Cliff put away I sent Gus to fetch his ewes which he did marvelously. Here’s hoping the sheep stay where I put them for a bit.

Extracurricular Activities

Here at Cacia Farms we offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities for our sheep. We host the founding chapter of Kill The Border collie club where the president Luna the Lunatic will enlighten you on all the proper ways to make your herding dogs life more difficult. This includes intimidation techniques as well as general flock disruption while being moved. We also offer a fence jumping where you will learn all the latest techniques in slipping through your fences. Classes offered range from beginner to advanced including the simple slip between the electric braid to high jumps over the top and for our very advanced members we will be covering the fence plow. The fence plow is the very best as it will allow all your friends not in the club to join you on your grass eating adventures. Another great club to join us the ever popular squash the shepherd club this is great fun in the evenings when they come out to give us grain the objective is to see who can run over the shepherd first and get to the grain bucket. These are just a few of the wonderful activities offered here at the farm and don’t forget the regular sheepy activities of grazing and dirt bathing (the dirtier the fleece the better)!

Please contact the local presidents of each club for your membership application.

Kill The Border Collie club – Luna the Lunatic

Fence Jumping – Tulip the Terrible.

Squash the Shepherd – Purl

Sheep Protective Services – Purdy Awesome