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Impending Doom!!

     Jeff and I ate some of my canned chili
for dinner last night.  We also had some biscuits that I had made last week and stored in the freezer.  Gus and I were sitting on the couch together patiently waiting for the biscuits to be done.  Jeff got up to check the biscuits when something terrible happened!   Gus and I heard this horrible BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP…you get the idea.  Well, the biscuits weren’t burnt but they did set off the smoke alarm!  Gus took this as the countdown to the end of the world!  He  immediately climbed on my lap and proceeded to quiver in fear, shaking the entire couch!  I tried really hard feel bad for Gus but it was so adorable, His face said “Mama this may be our last chance to struggle! The world as we know it is over!”.  Jeff took the battery out of the alarm but Gus had already been warned of our impending doom and proceeded to milk the end of the world for all the extra snuggles that he could!

The Odin


     I am always in search of the perfect dog toy.  I look for sturdy well built toys that won’t destroy my house.  Its always a plus if they are food puzzles.  While christmas shopping I found this wonderful toy!  The Odin is a interlocking Dog Treat Toy that is also dishwasher safe.  My labrador loved rolling rolling this toy around and being rewarded for her efforts.  My border collie chose the more intelligent route…. hold it and yell at it until it gives you what you want (he may be spending to much time with me).  The different sized holes allow for a wide variety of treat shapes including kibble.  For a harder toy you can actually connect two toys together.  Gus gives this treat 4paws up and Sheba will throw in enthusiastic tail wags!  The link below will take you straight to this ingenious toy!

Stewart Freeze Dried Treats

As a dog trainer and wife of a veterinarian I always strive to find high quality treat that are not only affordable but palatable.  I have been using Stewart Freeze Dried Liver treats for some time now.  We got our border collie last year and he is a very picky eater.  He enjoys working for liver treats and rarely gets bored with them during training.  I also love how they come in many different sizes so I can use them in different ways.  I stuff the largest pieces into kongs for my dogs which occupies them for a while trying to free the treat.   My husband is a veterinarian and likes that they have a single ingredient of liver.  They come in seven different flavors and are made with no preservatives or additives, which makes the husband and picky border collie very happy (and the cats).  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.  Gus gives this treat 9 out of 10 paws he wishes more flavors came in the giant bucket.

The links below will bring you to their website and you can also follow them on instagram, twitter and Facebook.

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