About Us

About Us

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. -Janos Arnay

If you have been following us from the beginning you might have noticed that Cacia Farms has been many things.  We started out when I convinced my husband we would raise meat rabbits on our 1/4 acre lot in our small town.  Well 30 some odd rabbits, 3 cats,  3 dogs, and a horse later I convinced my husband to move to a farm.  Let me first tell you about my husband Jeff he is the most patient, kind and caring person I know.  Jeff puts up with all my dreams which are many and the best part is that he truly believes I am capable of achieving every one of them.

We lived on our 21 acre farm for a year and a half and we absolutely loved it!  Our main focus on the farm was the raising of wool sheep.  The breed of sheep we raised are called Lincoln Longwools which are a heritage breed.  We moved to a smaller farm closer to town to be closer to my husbands work.

We now live on just over 5 beautiful acres where we raise chickens, sheep, and we also have 3 horses and 2 alpacas.  On our new farm I have started offering yoga classes in the summers with our lambs and our llama.  We also have started raising Australian Shepherds here as well which we are absolutely loving!


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  1. Can I ask a sheep question? We have a hectare of pasture that needs keeping in check. Would you recommend sheep or goats? We live in Limousine where the winters and spring are wet and summers very hot. Its cow country and lush pasture. Advice welcome.

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