Thieves In The Night

Thieves In The Night

Woken up in the middle of the night by a dog who urgently has to potty is never a good time but last night it almost was (depending on your perspective). After leashing Terra up we headed out the front door of the air bnb.

Now let me set the scene for you. For dinner we had cooked a massive feast of lobster for dinner. We did not however hose off the front porch after lobsters had been prepared out there. My dog’s food had also ended up on the front porch while unpacking and as it was too heavy for me to move I left it.

Circling back to our original adventure. I thought we were only going potty but man was I wrong. Upon opening the door we were greeted by a party of raccoons trying to gain access to what I would assume they thought was dog food flavored lobsters. My dog not wanting to miss out on a good time or free food dove headfirst into the party. This set off an explosion of raccoons and chaos all while I’m trying not to get eaten by a raccoon or have Terra trip me with her leash. I was only saved from a midnight search through unfamiliar woods by the fact my dog had a leash on. I have every confidence that my happy little service dog would have followed that party all the way to their home.

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