The Dogs On The Farm

The Dogs On The Farm


Gus is our border collie and he helps me out on the farm and with chores. He is the one I call for when the sheep escape and he always comes out with his flowing locks to save my bacon. His most favorite passtime though is making me throw his slimy to for hours while he not so patiently waits to go back to the barn.


Olive is the first Australian Shepherd we bought and I immediately fell in love with not just her but also the breed. Olive doesn’t really have a desire to herd sheep she mostly prefers to run around fabulously and tell all the other dogs what to do.


Wonderpup what can I say about her this is the fist dog we acquired to add to our kennel’s breeding program. That is still the plan but in the meantime she stole my heart and is my constant companion.


Chili is one year younger than Terra and is our third Australian Shepherd. I am hoping that Chili will take over farm work within the next year as Gus will soon need more help.

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