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Fish Stories…. Part 1

     I love when I go fishing with my husband!  I never cease to amaze him with the fact that can be so excited I have caught a fish no matter its size.  Another favorite part of fishing is the ongoing debate about whether it is a cork or a bobber (I am in the cork camp).  We also tend to disagree on how fish should be landed.  Jeff is a big believer in play the fish until its tired and can be landed.  My technique tends to lead toward reel it in as fast as possible because it only counts if its landed.  Its a bonus if your standing on shore you can real and walk backwards at the same time.  Jeff usually sees fishing as an art and especially enjoys flyfishing… I enjoy putting worms on hooks and waiting for the cork to wiggle.  Although, waiting actually fills me with anxiety waiting for the fish; its like the jaws theme song just keeps playing.  You may notice I said wiggle not go down into the water or disappear…I have an incredible knack for catching the smallest fish.  I however think that any fish I catch is a miracle and should be photographed!
P.S. I really can catch big fish….