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George can do no wrong…

     George was my first cat which means she holds a special place in my heart.  Although she hates the just about everyone and all the pets but Sheba, we have come to an understanding.   George doesn’t eat me and I only pet her when she asks.  When I pet her it is only between the ears since past the ears is the eat me button and I will never pick her up.  This arrangement works well for us.  Being my first and favorite cat (shh don’t tell the others) I feel that my cat can do no wrong.
When we lived in California we had a small christmas just Jeff and I and the pets.  I did my best to decorate to make our tiny apartment feel as much like a home as possible.  I would go to work in the morning  and come home to find all my hard work dismantled (at this time I wanted to blame jack as he was still a kitten) I would quietly put everything back where it belonged before Jeff came home.
I came home one day to catch the culprit red handed!  I open the door and saw our fake christmas tree slowly being pulled to the bedroom.  It was now only held together by strings of lights traveling in pieces to the bedroom.  When I followed the trail of the tree bottom still in the living room….string of lights…. tree middle in the hall….string of lights…..I found the top of the tree wedged under the bed.  When I got down to look at the culprit I found George. She had the happiest look on her face (which does not happen often) that she had killed the tree and dragged it to her lair!  After collecting all the tree parts including miscellaneous tree limbs lost along the way I plugged in the lights.  Well, somewhere along the way two strands of lights ceased to live through their ordeal.  When Jeff came home I told him what had happened he said George was a bad kitty which I countered with “George, no never she was decorating her lair”!

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree…lalalala

PictureIt’s that time of year again!  Christmas is my favorite holiday by far and not just because it comes with ham.  Every year we go as a family and cut our trees down together.  When the tractor drops us off at the giant field of charisma’s trees it’s like a christmas wonderland.  We set out into the field smelling and touching trees like a bunch of excited little kids.  The debate of what kind of tree now begins.  Do we get one that has soft fluffy needles, one that smells a particular way, or are we looking for a perfect looking tree.  This year I told Jeff that I was going to wait until I saw a tree that screamed take me home!!  Well funny enough, we both found the same tree separately.  I realized looking at the tree that it had been growing all those years waiting for Jeff and I to take it home and let be the most beautiful christmas tree!  Jeff got down on the ground and started sawing away.  I usually take great delight in shouting timber each year.  I was opening my mouth to remind Jeff that he should warn me so that could call out timber right as the tree fell towards me.  I didn’t get to yell timber and our wonderful labrador who had been sitting so patiently almost got squashed by the tree (she didn’t even move).  We loaded the tree up and drove home to place it in its rightful place…. In the middle of the living room window.  I always wonder what the pets think of us bringing a tree into the house.  George Cat usually lies underneath staring up into the lighted tree in kitty delight.  Jack our big orange cat likes to steals ornaments while Snugglepants (yes we own a cat named Snugglepants) usually tries to live inside the tree.  Sheba our labrador tends to eat the present that just might have something yummy inside.  When we got home Jeff put the tree up once it got dark we set about trimming our tree.  I never understood the term trimming the christmas tree as a kid because we never had real trees.  I love the was that the real trees smell and look.  We out up the lights and all the decorations on the tree and sat in the dark admiring our christmas wonderland.  We hope that all of you are enjoying your holiday traditions this year!


Note the tree skirt all rumpled because jack our cat has been running around the bottom of the tree like a maniac.