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A worldly chicken…

When Henley and I went out to collect egg this morning Betty came running over to us!  I thought to myself here we go what is Betty up to today!  Well little Miss Betty said I would never guess what has happened!!

Betty told me how Henrietta (one of the production red hens) had decided she wanted to be a mother hen.  You can imagine what Betty had to tell Henrietta!  Betty then went on to tell me how she was listening to the CIN (you know the chicken information network) and they had an educational broadcast about baby chicks!  Betty said it was just scandalous to find out how baby chicks come into the world! 

When I made it to the coop after Betty finally ran out of things to say sure enough there was Henrietta.  I kindly exsplained to her that those eggs weren’t ever going to be baby chicks.  Poor Henrietta told me that she felt it was her calling in life to mother little chicks!  I told her if she really wanted to be a mama hen she can help teach the incubator chick how to be chickens. 

Well this time next week we should hopefully have 3 little baby cheating chicks in the incubator!


Fall has officially arrived and so have my first eggs from my girls!  I got the first two eggs from them Wednesday and the third from them today.  We have six hens total three production red hens and three buff orpington hens and I am finally getting some eggs.  They are on the smaller side but thats ok for their first eggs.  We are planning to put together their winter enclosure that will also house Pete either this weekend or next week sometime.  I know the girls won’t lay many eggs over the winter and that is fine but I am hoping to get quite a few before then.