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Fly Fishing  Border Collies

     Jeff went out fly fishing yesterday and decided to take our border collie Gus with him.  In my mind I imagined this beautiful scene of my handsome husband casting his line into the rippling stream as a light snow fell.  Gus our regal border collie laying on the bank patiently waiting for his master to be done fishing.  Well, apparently this is not how Gus’s first fly fishing trip went.  When Jeff came home I asked how he did and how well Gus liked it.  Jeff said that he caught one but lost it before it was landed.  My wonderful husband then proceeded to reenact how well Gus like fly fishing (this was truly entertaining).  Gus is known for his dislike of water which surprised me when Jeff showed me all these pictures of Gus in the stream.
At first Gus thought this was just another adventure with dad thought the woods.  When they got to the stream Gus hung out at the edge of the stream while Jeff got set up.  As Gus was looking around Jeff made his first cast.  This is when the peaceful picture I had in my mind fell apart.  My regal, well bred sheepherding border collie was overcome by the need to chase Jeff’s fly.  Jeff would cast and Gus would proceed to run back and forth chasing the fly.  Although Gus found this to be amazing it brings me back to all the times my dad would tell me “Quit making so much noise you’ll scare all the fish!”.  By this time I’m sure that every trout in a mile radius now knew my husband and Gus were fishing.  When Jeff got to his next fishing location he told Gus his new job would be stay in the truck and guard it with your life.  I don’t know if Gus knew he was being left out of fun fishing time, but he takes every job he has seriously even guarding the truck.

Fish Stories… Part 2

      It was September in northern Minnesota along the Canadian boarder.   I was on vacation with Kim’s family at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA).  This was a place that the Casto family had visited on many occasions through the years and they wanted to share their experience with me. They have had many successful fishing trips on Moose Lake, where we were staying and the surrounding lakes in the area.  Her parents, brother and I chartered a guide to fish Basswood Lake on the first full day of our trip.  This was a large lake to the north of our cabin that can only be accessed via portage from Moose Lake.  Being an avid fisherman myself, I was excited to get into some large Minnesota Northern Pike!  The guide had us set up with live bate rigs using minnows and leaches. This type of fishing, albeit successful, is not my cup of tea.  I prefer artificial lures and flies.   I gave the guides approach some time, but quickly became board.  I started throwing spinner bates and rattle traps.  This quickly proved to be successful as I started pulling in one pike after another.  Unfortunately, most of these fish were “Kim cabilar” or in other words, small.  But, catching fish of any size is fun in my book!  
            It was late in the afternoon and I had been experiencing a lull in the action.   We had just moved to a new spot with a nice weed edge so I decided to try a new spinner bate.  First cast and…..BOOM!  Fish on! However, as usual it was another dink.  I was playing the small pike for all it was worth talking to the guide about something or other when something pulled on my rod bending it in half. Almost ripping it out of my hands, as I was not paying close attention to the small fish I was bringing in.  Looking at the water I could see a HUGE mass of a fish come up from the weeds with a small pike in its mouth. The same small pike that was attached to my lure!  I was so excited that I yelled “SHARK ATTACK!”  and starting dancing around the boat trying to get the guide to see what was going on.  I was so dumbfounded that I stopped fighting the fish and just stared in amazement.  This, as you would expect, resulted in the giant pike releasing the small pike and swimming away unscathed.   I had only a few scales of left on my lure.  
            At this point the Muskie fisherman came through and I said “I need bigger lures!”  That evening I went to the local tackle shop and picked up a few large Muskie plugs.  My favorite of which was a large pink spinner called a Cowgirl.  We had another guided trip to Basswood in 2 days and I couldn’t wait to try my new lures.
            The second day of fishing was much slower than the first.  We decided to go into a back bay at the opposite end of the lake that the guide had some luck in before.  There was a large weed bed next to a steep ledge.  I started casting my hot pink Cowgirl into the weed bed. The guide says to me “that lure is huge!, they wont bite that thing.” After a few casts I had a hook up, a decent sized pike, not huge but defiantly larger than most of the pike I had been catching the past few days.  I continued to throw the buck tail for another 20 minutes.  Then, out of nowhere, I had a strike.  The rod bent in half and the line started pealing off the spool.  I tell the guide “this is a nice fish, get the net” After a few minutes of head thrashing I get the fish to the boat.  It…. Was…. Huge!!!.   I was able to slide the fish into the net and get her on board.  It measured about 45 inches, defiantly the largest Northern Pike I had ever caught!  
            I don’t know if I was more excited to have caught this large fish or to have seen the “Shark Attack” occur 2 days before.  These moments were the highlight of my trip.

Fish Stories…. Part 1

     I love when I go fishing with my husband!  I never cease to amaze him with the fact that can be so excited I have caught a fish no matter its size.  Another favorite part of fishing is the ongoing debate about whether it is a cork or a bobber (I am in the cork camp).  We also tend to disagree on how fish should be landed.  Jeff is a big believer in play the fish until its tired and can be landed.  My technique tends to lead toward reel it in as fast as possible because it only counts if its landed.  Its a bonus if your standing on shore you can real and walk backwards at the same time.  Jeff usually sees fishing as an art and especially enjoys flyfishing… I enjoy putting worms on hooks and waiting for the cork to wiggle.  Although, waiting actually fills me with anxiety waiting for the fish; its like the jaws theme song just keeps playing.  You may notice I said wiggle not go down into the water or disappear…I have an incredible knack for catching the smallest fish.  I however think that any fish I catch is a miracle and should be photographed!
P.S. I really can catch big fish….