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The fifth season…Mud

What many people don’t know who do not live on a farm is that there are really 5 seasons of the year winter, spring, summer, fall and mud.  We have reached mud season here fall has faded and winter has not yet set in leaving us with mud.  The gates have mud surrounding them, the paths have mud on them and most of all the animals seem to be constantly muddy.  Ace my horse especially seems to be able to take getting muddy to a whole new level.  I love during summertime when he isn’t wearing a blanket but still doesn’t get super dirty.  Thank goodness for winter blankets that take the brunt of the dirt and mud for me!


I have so many pictures of Ace in my phone and I love them all.  If anyone else looked through my photos they might wonder since they are all variations of the same photo.  I have pictures of Ace eating grass, Ace in the crosswise, Ace’s pretty neck while riding, Ace all saddled up but by far my favorite photos are the big white blurry photos of his nose.  Ace has always been a nosy horse and very much likes to see if anything you have might be edible.  I love this horse so much and cannot wait to get back to riding him after having about six months off!



I am incredibly happy to have both the horses home on the farm with us.  Ace is also incredibly happy supervising my chores.  He follows me to the sheep pasture and watches while I do their chores, he watches me clean the stalls, fill buckets and pass out hay.  I missed my horse horribly bad after we moved to the farm and he was still boarding an hour away, there was no need apparently to worry about our bond though.  Ace has always been a wonderful horse but seeing him here every day has only made our bond grow stronger!


Looks can be deceiving 

I may look like an adult who is all grown up but in reality I might just be a little girl at heart whose dreams have come true.  Growing up I asked for a horse again and again.  At christmas I always joked when guessing what my presents were that it would be a pony.  I dreamed of having a beautiful farm with a border collie and some sheep.  Well I did get my farm, dog, sheep, and horses and they all live in my backyard.  What I never thought to ask for as a kid was someone to share it all with.  I couldn’t be more thankful for a wonderful husband that loves our farm just as much as I do.


Countdown to Ace!

I went to see my most handsome horse today and tell him that it will only be 30 days from now until he comes home!  I was so happy that when he saw me he came to me without me  even calling him.  He seemed very happy to see me and that I had not in fact died since he hadn’t seen me in so long.  I spent some quality time brushing him (he spent some serious time getting muddy it would seem) and putting fly spray on him.  While I was letting him graze for a while I thought about how happy and lucky I am that he is coming home!

Between Midnight and Three AM

Since returning from vacation in florida we have been busy packing and preparing to move in less than 30 days.  We have been anxiously awaiting moving day and it is defiantly fast approaching.  There are still many decisions left to be made and plans still to firm up.  We still need to find and buy a lawn mower as well as an actual tractor for the farm.  All of the fencing will need to be installed right after we close on the house for the dogs as well as the livestock.  We need to have a barn built before winter comes to house the animals and my tractor.  A chicken coop will need to be built for my future chickens that I still have not ordered yet.  Needless to say we have been busy both packing and dreaming and planning here.  I can’t wait to look out my back door and see this field filled with lambs and Ace!IMG_3514

Catching up after days off…

I had a wonderful week off with my husband!  We looked at properties, went fishing and just hung out together.  I had my first lesson of the year with Ace this morning, for being off all winter we both did really nicely and worked well as a team.  Ace even trotted over the tarp like it was no big deal at all.  That horse never ceases to amaze me at the things he does.  I am looking forward to quite a few very exciting things coming up soon so stay tuned for those.  I would also like to mention that I am not impressed with mother nature and the snow today.IMG_3229