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•••• Winter Wonderland ••••

Well we are still here, perhaps a bit chilly but we are here. Our farm has been covered in a deep blanket… I mean smothered by a layer of snow. Normally I am all for branches covered in a liberty layer of white and a clean fresh snow to make fresh footprints in however not now. My chickens have chosen to stay in their coop for three weeks now meaning I also haven’t had any farm fresh eggs either. The horses and sheep have also preferred to stay in their shelters as well. Henley and I have been hiding in our house as well as it’s really just to cold to do anything outside. Cabin fever has reached a critical level here at the farm and I’m sure my husband is wondering how we will possibly wear all the things I’m knitting up. I hope all of you are stay safe warm and dry as well!

Lazy Days

My little girls loves to play in he floor in the mornings which works out well for me!  This gives me time in the morning to eat my breakfast and get some much needed caffeine in.  This morning I am also casting on a new project to take with me on vacation next week.  Eventually today we will have to go outside as I am hoping to get the chicken coop cleaned out today.