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The fifth season…Mud

What many people don’t know who do not live on a farm is that there are really 5 seasons of the year winter, spring, summer, fall and mud.  We have reached mud season here fall has faded and winter has not yet set in leaving us with mud.  The gates have mud surrounding them, the paths have mud on them and most of all the animals seem to be constantly muddy.  Ace my horse especially seems to be able to take getting muddy to a whole new level.  I love during summertime when he isn’t wearing a blanket but still doesn’t get super dirty.  Thank goodness for winter blankets that take the brunt of the dirt and mud for me!

Swamp Monster

We lovingly call her squish and olive but mostly she is swamp monster. She finds all the dirt outside wallows like a pig in mud holes and eat everything. I am constantly yelling what are you eating most times it sticks and socks.  She is the most amazing little dog and is always happy. Olive is a very bright and seems to know when I’m upset as I suddenly find myself covered in squishy Olive.  


The thaw…

Spring is a lovely time flowers, birds chirping, baby animals, and mud.  Every year I get so excited for spring to come then remember that includes my yard thawing.  We have three dogs in our house which means a large quantity of poop accumulates over the winter months.  I try to clean the yard in winter as often as I can but that can be hard with snow and freezing.  Gus our border collie happens to love mud.  He really enjoys making it bigger and messier.  When he was a puppy he made several large holes in the yard to play and splash in, he was always so proud of himself.  I sent Olive with Jeff to work yesterday for a spa day, she got a bath and her nails trimmed (and many snuggles I’m sure).  She came home and her and Gus were promptly covered in muck.  Her little Australian Shepherd coat seems to work more like a sponge!  I look forward to all of the muddy laundry I will be doing this spring and you can all look forward to many muddy dog photos!IMG_0640