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Lemons in the living room

     I have an unnatural ability to kill houseplants.  My husband loves to make jokes when I bring home plants or he buys me plants that they are so pretty and it is a shame that they have to die.   When I told my husband I ordered a lemon tree off amazon he looked at me a little funny.  My cute little lemon tree arrived in the mail and I was so excited.  We went to the garden store and found it the most adorable pot that looked like a mason jar.  My tree in the year that I have had it has amazingly (despite my best efforts) has thrived.  By thrived I mean it has not died.  It produced so many beautiful blooms last winter inside and when we brought it out for summer it was so happy.  We have actually eaten two lemons from the tree that were juicy and delicious.  Many of you might be thinking two lemons in one year thats it?  I must remind you that I am just happy that I haven’t killed this plant!