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Spring Time Busy

We have been busy here with spring time, not only do we have the two bottle lambs but we also brought all the rabbits home this last weekend.  I love having my bunnies back home where I can spoil them and love on them.  One of our adult breeders Sly got to retire and went to a wonderful pet home.  Sly will have other rabbits to be around as well as cats, I am so happy he went to such a good home!  The lambs are getting big and will probably go back to the farm sometime next week.  I brought Gus and both the bottle lambs out to the farm where we take our herding lessons yesterday to walk and get some energy out.  Gus was beside himself to be back at the farm and didn’t understand why we were not doing any work.  Ewestace and Lamb Chop were excited to run like crazy all over the pasture, both lambs seemed a bit confused by the other lambs nursing off the Ewes which made me a bit sad.  I love both my girls and can’t wait until we can bring them home to our future farm.  I have started packing the house here in town and started planning moving details.  It is only 61 more days until we move (not that anyone is counting)!  The picture below is my future view from the backyard of the farmhouse.IMG_3555


It was a beautiful day outside Saturday and Jeff took Gus and Olive to work with him.  Sheba spent some time outside laying in the sun, while I finished cleaning the house and opening the windows to air out the house.   I planned a  wonderful day getting some quilting done and when Jeff got home we had a dinner date night.  Spring is almost here I can feel it and I haven’t finished my spring wall hanging!  That is what I planned to get done this weekend.  Sunday we went out to move our rabbits of of the duck enclosure and into another part of the barn.  After the bunnies were moved we got to work Gus on the sheep.  Gus and I worked great as a team even after months of being off.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!IMG_3132

Missing the buns today

At Cacia Farms we like to ensure that all of our rabbits enjoy life as much as possible, even the ones intended for our freezer. We provide them with top quality food, plenty of room to grow and live in, as well as many treats to have. Our adult rabbits that we use for breeding all have unique personalities. Pete loves to run and he also likes to visit his girls. Pete is not a huge fan of hard treats but loves broccoli stems. Sly loves to snuggle and he will do anything for the hard barley biscuits, he is definitely a people snuggling rabbit. Annabelle prefers not to be handled and doesn’t like to venture to far out of her enclosure. Annabelle loves any sort of treat that comes her way as well as pets on the head. Dixie is a super spicy rabbit and makes her opinions known quickly. She does not like to be picked up, will eat anything you put in front of her including yourself. The great thing about dixie is that she is very food motivated.  I taught her to go “back in your house” on cue where she will run over an get back in her playpen. I handle my rabbit as much as possible and let Jeff know the second something is off.  We moved everyone but dixie and her babies out to our friends farm while our house is up for sale.  I miss sly’s head bumps terribly and pete checking on his lady’s everyday.  Dixie and her babies are doing great and I am very glad to have her here. IMG_3189

Out of Steam

I spent the day shuttling rabbits to our friends barn for her to watch while we sell our house.  Dixie did remain with us since she has a brand new litter.  Olive went with me today to be my copilot, which she did a great job of.  I stopped to get gas and stopped again for food at sonic on the way.  While we were waiting for our food Olive suddenly realized the car was full of rabbits… excellent observation skills!  Once the car was full of fuel and my belly was warm and full we headed out to drop of the rabbits.  After we dropped the rabbits off we headed to the barn to visit and ride Ace.  While on the way we were stopped by a train which Olive found fascinating.  Ace and Olive did well together she licked his nose (which he didn’t much appreciate but didn’t complain) and ace was polite to Olive.  I was brave and rode Ace without lunging him and although he was very spicy and full of himself he was a good boy.  I have made it home and am going to start cleaning the garage.    I hope that you all had an excellent day as well!

Snow Angels

We spent a good portion of the evening moving our rabbit hutches and compost from our backyard into the front yard driveway.  Both the compost as well as the hutches are quite heavy.   The hutches also boast the quality of being both heavy, large, and awkward.  We used a sled to pull them through the 2 foot deep snow.  Once they were in the driveway I was so happy to be done with this project I flopped down in the snow!  While in the snow I made a wonderful snow angel (my second in my lifetime).  Now you may be wondering why we are moving these things during the middle of winter.  Well we have finally decided this tiny plot of suburban land is too small to contain our farm any longer.  We are in the process of finding a more suitable farm to live on.  This also means many hours of painting and updating in our house with a three month old puppy.  Our rabbits will be moving to a good friend of ours farm for the duration of our house being up for sale.  This makes me both happy and sad.  I will be happy to be moving to a larger property but am very upset about not having my rabbits on property to watch.  Dixie who just had a litter of 8 will remain here with us until they are big enough to handle the cold.  Gus is super excited to hopefully have sheep at home with us and I am very excited to have Ace in my backyard very soon.


We have two adult breeding Giant Chinchillas here at Cacia Farms.  I love my girls Dixie and Annabelle they are both wonderful rabbits.  Annabelle tends to be a bit more sensible than Dixie she is quiet and doesn’t mind being handled or me handling her babies.  Dixie on the other hand is much more emotional about life in general.  Dixie hates being picked up and handled and does not appreciate me touching or going near her babies.  The one great quality both my girls have is that they are excellent mothers.  They both build super nests (even if it is two weeks before their due date is two weeks away) and they hardly ever loose any when birthing.   Dixie is die on the 17 of this month and I caught her trying to build a nest in her letterbox.  I cleaned her very messy enclosure and gave her a nest box and hay which made for a very happy rabbit.  She immediately rearranged the aspen shaving in the nest box.  She then proceeded to jump out and start piling in hay.  My girls both build early nest but they do wait to pull fur until about 24 to 12 hours prior to kindling. 

Its a farm not a circus…

     You would think that I would have learned the last time that we had babies in the garage that they are prone to escape.  Annabelle had her babies almost 2 weeks age meaning that they are getting brave and wiggly.  I came home from herding with Olive and Gus to find all of annabelle’s babies had flew the coop.  Luckily our garage is quite secure.  I had to get Gus to help me first find then round up our 8 little babies.  Annabelle was quite relieved to have her babies back.  I however was not looking forward to moving ALL the rabbits again. I ended up putting all the older babies that are growing out in front of sly since Dixie moved into the maternity space.  I hope everyone sleeps warm and snuggly,  I also hope that they are all where I left them!

Backyard Rabbits

PictureWhen I moved to upstate NY I wanted a healthy and sustainable option for meat.  I chgives you beneficial vitamins and minerals such as B12, B3, selenium and phosphorus.  While being nutritious rabbits also produce poop, a lot of poop.  Rabbit poop is different from other manure that it does not need to age before being added to your garden.  In the summer all the rabbits waste (urine, feces, and any extra food scraps) falls into worm bins.  We mix the bins 50% peat with 50% waste and add about 500 worms per bin.  These bins are turned throughout the summer and sit over winter.  In early spring we spread this over our garden and till it into the soil.  This helps to keep the garden soil very healthy for my summer plants (giving me no excuses when they all die because I didn’t water them). ose rabbits as they were the best choice for our home for countless reasons.  Rabbit meat has the highest percentage of protein, at 20%, with the fewest amount of calories, at 795 calories per pound.   The cholesterol level of rabbits is also lower than both chicken and turkey, as well as being easier to digest than most other meats. One ten pound doe can produce up to 300 pounds of rabbit meat in one year while consuming less feed per pound than other meat producing animals.  Eating rabbit meat also We chose to raise Giant Chinchillas. This breed was developed in the US and are similar to the light grey Flemish Giant.  I find that the Giant Chinchillas have a better meat to bone ratio than the Flemish and the kits grow out nicely.  We usually process around 11 weeks or once they reach around 7 pounds.  One litter of 8 kits provides us with about 30 pounds of meat.  I find the Giant Chinchillas to be very easy to work with.  These rabbits tend to be very calm and easy to handle.  In the winter we bring the rabbits inside the garage to protect them from the harsh NY winters.  Inside the garage they are all litter trained which makes them very neat and easy to clean up after.  This also allows me to individually add additional heat to any particular doe who may be having a new litter. In the summer the rabbits are housed outside in raised hutches.  My husband built sides and roofs to protect them in the summer from any rain or severe winds.  All of our adult rabbits know their names and enjoy being handled.  Our rabbits run around the garage when we are out their even with our dogs.

     I welcome any discussion or questions on this post  I also realize raising rabbits for meat is not for everyone.  I encourage you to do what is best for your family as I do with mine.


     Rabbits they are soft and furry as well as tasty and delicious.  When I tell people I raise rabbits followed by we eat them, many people find this offensive.  We raise Giant Chinchillas for meat mostly for our own consumption.  The meat of a rabbit has more protein, less cholesterol, and less fat than many other meats including chicken.  The money that we save in buying meat pays for the food for the rabbits.  Knowing where my food comes from is something that is very important to me.  I raise these rabbits so I know how they were treated as well as the quality of food fed to them.  The first question people ask is “How can you eat them they are so cuddly!”.   Well, we have two bucks and two does all four of our adult breeders have unique personalities and I love them like pets.  The babies on the other hand, are like a pile of little food monsters with Giant ears.  I don’t often socialize the babies as they are intended as food which make it a lot easier to eat them.  I will admit that I would have a very hard time eating any of our adult rabbits as I do love and snuggle on them.  We are looking forward to Annabelle having another litter sometime this week, stay tuned for photos.