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Out of town…

My husband is planning guys weekend coming soon and will be out of cell reception.  Historically this means something here at home will go horribly wrong, I will then be unable to reach my husband leaving me to fend for myself.  He joked this morning while we were eating breakfast which pet is going to get sick while he is gone?  I laughed and immediately said Olive.  We both looked out the window to see Olive eating twigs.  This brings me to the first time this phenomenon happened.  We lived in the rental house in Irondequoit,  Jeff had bought me flowers for my birthday, and as any good wife should do I forgot to water them but they lived on anyway.  He left Friday morning and when I got home form work that Friday night I found flower bits all over the floor.  Well as any good Veterinarian will tell you lilies are toxic to cats, we have three cats.  Since I was unable to ascertain the culprit of this crime.  In my panic and hysteria I packaged all the cats up and headed back to work (I was a tech and the veterinary emergency center at the time).  I called on the way there to let them know I was coming, the first question everyone asked was why did you have lilies in the house?  Well, I have a good husband who trusted the florist when she said there are no lilies.  I am not a plant expert so I didn’t think anything of it until flower bits were all over the floor.  Any of you who have met our cats knows them they have very distinct personalities, George is literally named George Cat like a bobcat she will eat you.  Snugglepants may sound amazing but he becomes like an enraged opctupus when doing anything with him that isn’t couch snuggling.  Then there is Jack who is loud and stresses out easily.  I am sure that Jack thought I had abducted him and taken him to a place of torture never to be seen again.  They all got IV catheters, bloodwork and meds to make them vomit in case there were any lilly bits left in there stomachs.  Our cats spent the entire weekend at the emergency hospital on fluids to make sure they would be ok if any of them had in fact ingested the lilies.  Everyone came out of this fine and now I usually get daisies which is fine I love daisies.  Lets all hope for an uneventful weekend here.K&J-875

George can do no wrong…

     George was my first cat which means she holds a special place in my heart.  Although she hates the just about everyone and all the pets but Sheba, we have come to an understanding.   George doesn’t eat me and I only pet her when she asks.  When I pet her it is only between the ears since past the ears is the eat me button and I will never pick her up.  This arrangement works well for us.  Being my first and favorite cat (shh don’t tell the others) I feel that my cat can do no wrong.
When we lived in California we had a small christmas just Jeff and I and the pets.  I did my best to decorate to make our tiny apartment feel as much like a home as possible.  I would go to work in the morning  and come home to find all my hard work dismantled (at this time I wanted to blame jack as he was still a kitten) I would quietly put everything back where it belonged before Jeff came home.
I came home one day to catch the culprit red handed!  I open the door and saw our fake christmas tree slowly being pulled to the bedroom.  It was now only held together by strings of lights traveling in pieces to the bedroom.  When I followed the trail of the tree bottom still in the living room….string of lights…. tree middle in the hall….string of lights…..I found the top of the tree wedged under the bed.  When I got down to look at the culprit I found George. She had the happiest look on her face (which does not happen often) that she had killed the tree and dragged it to her lair!  After collecting all the tree parts including miscellaneous tree limbs lost along the way I plugged in the lights.  Well, somewhere along the way two strands of lights ceased to live through their ordeal.  When Jeff came home I told him what had happened he said George was a bad kitty which I countered with “George, no never she was decorating her lair”!