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•••• Winter Wonderland ••••

Well we are still here, perhaps a bit chilly but we are here. Our farm has been covered in a deep blanket… I mean smothered by a layer of snow. Normally I am all for branches covered in a liberty layer of white and a clean fresh snow to make fresh footprints in however not now. My chickens have chosen to stay in their coop for three weeks now meaning I also haven’t had any farm fresh eggs either. The horses and sheep have also preferred to stay in their shelters as well. Henley and I have been hiding in our house as well as it’s really just to cold to do anything outside. Cabin fever has reached a critical level here at the farm and I’m sure my husband is wondering how we will possibly wear all the things I’m knitting up. I hope all of you are stay safe warm and dry as well!

Wood Stove

Our new farmhouse has a wood stove in the house which we are super excited about.  I was supposed to be researching how to replace the bricks inside the stove when I found these super cute wood stove steamers.  They have steamers in cast iron and so many different styles and shapes you can get yours here or here.  I most definitely will need one of these!

woodstove steamer


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