Shhh…. We Hunting Monsters!

PictureI woke up early before the sun had risen, dressed in my warmest winter gear.  Packed up the truck with my bow and arrows and headed out.  Walking to my tree stand was very peaceful and calm under the stars.   I reached my tree stand and climbed up, I was ready for a beautiful day.  I watched the sun rise which was truly beautifulwonderful.  The forest was alive with little critters scurrying about stocking up for winter.  I had been sitting in my stand for about 2 hours now and decided to do a little reading.  This was a particularly good book which absorbed my attention…right up until I herd the twigs begin to break.  It sounded a bit like a small bulldozer trying to be quiet in the forest.   I could not yet see what was making this noise but had my bow ready.  I waited patiently reminding myself to breath so  I didn’t pass out and fall out of the tree.   Suddenly out of the thicket walked this beast of a deer, it had a monster nontypical rack.  I froze in my stand, my mind went blank, he was so big!  Once I said to myself “idiot get it together before he walks away”.  I waited for him to take just two more steps to line up the perfect shot.  There he was, I drew back on my bow took a deep breath and let It out slowly while my arrow flew into the forest.  It seemed like it took forever until my arrow hit its mark.  The buck startled, kicked and crashed through the forest.  I waited 15 minutes which felt like hours to climb down from my stand.  Where the deer had been standing I found a substantial blood trail.  I followed the blood trail for 20 minutes when I looked up to see my monster buck lying on the forest floor.   He was so majestic!  At this point I took a great picture with my bow and my buck.  I was so excited to tell my husband that I shot this awesome deer right up until… I woke up and realized it was all a dream.  I would love to hear about all your big buck stories feel free to comment below with a picture and story!

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