Another one off to plant heaven…oops

     Remember my post about my lovely lemon tree well, it has a sad friend the lime tree.  I bought this little tree this summer and was so excited that I would have limes and lemons on hand.  I potted my cute little tree in a pot and placed it outside next to my amazing lemon tree.  Over the summer my tree grew so tall and lovely I was so excited!  Well fall came and it was time to bring the trees inside.  At first I noticed that is was dropping a few leaves, then it was a lot of leaves.  I asked Jeff why this one was dying as I usually do well with trees.  I answered all his questions yes I am watering it, yes it has light, and yes I have been feeding it.  Well, last night I noticed something more It is almost bare of leaves and just looks so sad and droopy.  Alas, I have killed yet another houseplant lets hope the next one has better luck.  Meanwhile my lemon tree seems to be mocking me by choosing this moment to bloom.  I sometimes wonder if my plants pots hold bad juju from houseplants past?

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