The Herd

Its still darkPicture outside when I hear the quiet thump of a tail on the bed, this is followed by a cold nose on my cheek.  I usually role over trying to continue sleeping, at which point the regal Border Collie in bed with me just lays on my face.   I try to remember he is doing it out of love… I hope.  At this point, the overly large Maine Coon we own hears the commotion.  While still trying to breath through my Border Collie, I now have a 17 pound orange cat kneading my pillow (which includes my hair).  By now the bed is quite lively, little Olive in her crate has noticed we are all awake (but still in denial) and voices her protest of being left out.  At this point, its very hard to ignore all this and we (my husband) gets up to deal with them.  I would not have my life be any other way!  When we go out to feed the rabbits Pete stands on his hind legs greeting us!  If I have managed to stay in bed for all of this when Jeff lets the dogs back inside I am quickly greeted by a border collie covered in snow and now hold no hope in sleeping in…ever again.

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