A little to the right…

FNYJ38KGXQPMTQV.RECT2100As a kid we lived in Wisconsin for about 6 years. Anyone who has lived in Wisconsin knows not only about the frigid winter but also the loyal cheese heads. That right cheesehead, 50 % of the population is probably always wearing yellow and green on any given day. We lived in a very small town, and didn’t have cable. The wind kept blowing the antenna off the side of our house, so we sat it in the attic.  In the attic the antenna got four channels bit only if you turned the box it sat on just right. Unfortunately, you either got the sports channel with the Packers on Sunday, and nothing else, or you got the other three channels, and no Packers. So…. every Sunday after church, everyone had a job to do before we could watch Green Bay beat up on the other team. My mom and brother made munchies, I was in charge of the antenna, and I was quality control to ensure we had a good picture, so we could enjoy the game.  My dad would shout to me “Make sure to only walk on the planks so you don’t fall through the ceiling”.  I would crawl my way over to the antenna while my brother would watch the tv in the living room and shout to my dad if the picture on the tv picture was good.  I hope you all enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday and make many good memories!

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