I sit here and watch as the memories play by,
The moment when I walked out of this house to marry you.
The dinners I made us in the kitchen,
The houseplants I killed in this house.

We made this house a home for us,
Now we are leaving it to someone else.
Buying a new house that we must fill,
We must start over build a new home.

I am over the moon about buying a farm,
Looking out into my backyard to find Ace.
To raise our children gardening and farming,
Build a place to once again call home.

So I sit here watching as the menories play by,
Wondering what new memories will be made in my home.
Will they love this home as I have loved this home,
Will the happiness I found here find them too.

Yesterday I announced we are looking for a farm and selling our home.  Today we went to look at a property and moved all the extra things in this house to storage.  My husband is returning the rental truck while I exercise the dogs.  I am sitting on the couch listening to Sheba snore while thinking of all the things that happened in this house.  They were happy and they were sad we conquered what feels like the world in this house.  We got two dogs that only happen once in your lifetime in this home.  We built a home here and experience joy and sorrow here.  I couldn’t see past my excitement for my future farm until now.  Now its real our belongings are in storage and we are looking at properties.  I hope that the joy this home has brought us finds the new owners.  I know that my memories belong only to me and that they will in fact come with me.  That however doesn’t make it any easier to let go of the home we have built here.  K&J-450

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