Said no farmer ever…

I feel every farmer out that is always thinking if I had a few more acres, a few more dollars, and few more hours.  In my case it is all of the above recently.  Its very exciting to think about buying a bigger farm but at the same time extremely stressful.  Not only do we have to think about buying a home we will be happy and comfortable in but also one that all of the animals will be happy and comfortable.  While we are looking at farms and land we are also finishing all the home improvement projects that we began and never really got finished.  I have been painting the walls and trim (with the ever so helpful Olive to make sure I don’t miss any spots).  We removed the basement bathroom and are getting rid of all those things we never use.  We are so close to being done with the improvements which will be very wonderful.  Olive is a bit covered in paint today as she has been overly helpful today.  I am very excited to dream about having a barn full of rabbits and sheep with a beautiful home to live in.  7485102_orig.jpg

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