Squeaky clean

Squeaky clean

I have been making soap for our home for about a year now, today I tried a new recipe.  I used almond milk instead of water, we will see how this turns out in about 4-6 weeks.  For those of you who have never made soap this is how I do it (I am not a soap expert but it gets us clean).  First I measure out all the ingredients by weight in plastic cups.

The next step is to mix the lye with the water or milk.  I used and ice water bath to keep the lye mix from heating up to much so that I can add it to the oils.img_3671  After lye is mixed set aside and melt solid oils in a pot.  Once the lye and the oils reach between 90-110 degrees you mix them together.

I use a hand mixer to mix the soap, the soap is mixed until it reaches what is called “trace” which is like runny pudding.

At the trace point you add essential oils and colorants (I added vanilla oil and calendula petals to this soap).  At this point you place the liquid soap into the mold (grease the mold with oil to help release the soap later I used coconut oil).  I added some extra flower petals on the top to make it pretty.


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