Betty you disappoint me….

Betty you disappoint me….

We have six chickens here 3 production reds and 3 buff orpington and none of them had names until recently.  One of the orpington hens had recently decided she was going to go broody on me.  For those of you who aren’t chicken people that means she was going to sit on a nest of eggs until they hatched.  Well firstly I had to be able to tell this chicken apart so we named her Betty the broody hen.  I told Betty that her eggs were not going to hatch firstly because two of them were wooden eggs and the rest were not fertilized.  Betty responded back with they are to fertilized see that chicken poop on the outside all the gardening books say chicken poop makes great fertilizer!  Well Betty had a good point there but I told her that isn’t what I meant.  Since Betty was so determined to be a mother I decided I would indulge her and order her some bonafide fertilized (by a rooster) hatching eggs through the mail.  I told Betty her eggs were on the way!

As you can expect nothing goes quite as planned.  Originally there were not suppose to be baby chicks this year as I didn’t want to incubate them or raise them in the brooder box.  However since Betty had offered to do ALL the work for me I said well why not?

Let me tell you why not!  When I went down to take care of the chickens literally 2 days before Betty’s eggs arrived I found her out and about with the other girls.  I asked her what she was doing and Betty replied “Lady eggs don’t do anything I sat on those suckers forever waisting away my life while my friends are all out getting the good grubs and talking all the gossip with out me!  I don’t plan to waste anymore days sitting on a nest!”

Well in an effort not to waste good eggs we now have 6 fertilized eggs sitting in the incubator.  Here is hoping I make as good a mom as Betty thought she might be!

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