Change is in the air…

Fall is upon us here in upstate NY and with that the rush to get everything prepared for winter.  The girls will need to be sheared next month along with trimming their feet.  This will also mean I will have five more fleeces to take to the fiber mill to be made into yarn.  We have made a nice area on the hill to allow the sheep to winter closer to the house to make chores easier in the winter.  The new chickens are integrating nicely with the adult hens and everyone is getting along nicely.  I am hoping to get in some nice knitting time on my porch while I watch the leaves change this fall.


  1. We are going into summer here in Australia and I am getting my sheep shorn too. I find if they can grow a little covering before the really hot weather they are much cooler and don’t get bogged down in the dam with a huge, wet fleece.

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