This changes things…

This changes things…

Motherhood is something that no class, no lectures from wise older moms and no amount of research can prepare you for.  I spent the majority of my pregnancy (which to me seemed years long) pretending that we would magically skip over the whole birth thing.  I am sure that most first time mom’s have many of the same worries that I had while pregnant with my kiddo.  Will I be a good mom, will she love me, how will I know what she needs, and of course how many ponies should I get her.

When I think back on it now I am truly amazed with myself I mean I made an actual human being.  I made her!  One more time I made this kid!  I had planned to have a beautiful natural birth at the hospital where my doula and my husband would calmly guide me through labor.  NOT SO.  Henley my daughter never turned and ended up being a full term breech kiddo.  I did everything in my power to avoid a c-section including acupuncture, chiropractor, we even tried a manual version (where they try to turn her from the outside).  Our Hen wasn’t having it, she wanted to make a grand entrance by being chopped out of her mom’s belly (by wonderfully amazing surgoen’s).

Laying on that operating table having my daughter cut out was not my idea of how she would be brought into this world but in the end she was safely delivered.  After laying there open on the operating table and then holding my daughter through the duration of the remaining surgery I now know that
I am capable of absolutely anything.  Being Hen’s mom is by far the greatest and most amazing thing that I have ever done.

“We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” – Laura Stavoe Harm

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