Clown Cars

Clown Cars

We are all surviving living in town for the time being although at times I feel we live in a clown car with so many people and dogs crammed into one house.  The dogs are mostly getting along great (Gus takes it upon himself to discipline the other two) even if they are barking all day.  My houseplants I think got the best end of this deal as they get much better sunlight here in this house.  My daughter Henley is loving living with her Nani and will probably be wondering where everyone is once we move out to our new house.

We have in fact found the custest most adorably little farm to buy that’s both close to my husbands job and his mom.  It has plenty of space in the house for the dogs and cats to spread out … as well as the humans.  My mom even has her own guest room to stay in instead of sleeping on the couch with the cats.  There is a small horse barn in the back that will look even better with painted barn squares on it!  Jeff and I have already decided where my garden and chicken coop will go as well.  We are planning to be moved in by mid- may and hopefully pick up everyone around the first part of June.

I am excited to get back to my farm and looking forward to hatching chicks this year, lambs in the fall and then again in spring.  There is great things coming up for us and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the people that helped us get here!

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  1. Congratulations Kim, Jeff and Henley. It sounds like you found just what you wanted. Will there be room for Purdy, too? What about your rabbits? It will be no time before you’re settled. 😊

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