Counting eggs before they hatch…

I recently ordered hatching eggs again as I just really missed my Orpingtons that we had at our old farm. I got 17 total eggs in the mail 3 of them were Russian Orlof eggs a bonus from the breeder. I let them set and loaded them into the incubator dreaming of having a beautiful rooster and lovely hens. I monitored the temperature and humidity closely and then it happened… my incubator started making a funny noise and fluctuating the temperature. Well of course I panicked because I was emotionally invested in this hatch. I ran to tractor supply to get a new incubator (and also accidentally came home with 9 ducklings which is a whole other story). I set up the new incubator made sure it held the correct temp and humidity and loaded my eggs inside. During the entire incubation process I candled the eggs at the appropriate time and everyone was looking good! Well day 21 came and no one hatched. Day 22 on egg pipped but couldn’t get out. I’m not one to let a baby chick die since it couldn’t get out so I helped the little one out. Day 23 one other egg pipped this one also needed help out but didn’t look to good so I wasn’t hopeful. Well I thought as long as they both survive they should be ok. No other eggs hatched. Many things could have gone wrong the eggs could have not all been fertilized, the temperature fluctuations and new incubator all could have played a part in the low hatch rate. Well the last baby chick died so now I was once again panicked so I ran to the local farm store again and bought some lavender Orpington chicks that were a bit older I just needed to figure out how to keep them together but the little one safe from the older chicks. I fashioned a quick little cafe for it and put them all in the brooder together. I worried all night about the little chick. Turns out the little turd escaped and was snuggling with all the older chicks this morning. I hope it makes it and maybe next year I will try hatching eggs again but for this year we’re done and now moving into winter preparations.

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