You’re Best Day

You’re Best Day

My Grandad always said he never remembered his best day of watching tv and horses were the best part of his childhood.  I truly believe every little girl needs a pony in her life and every horse needs a horse crazy girl to love them once in their life.  Growing up I always had a dog to tell all of my secrets to and spend my days with, my dog was my best friends. Henley is going to get to grow up with Dickens being her best friend.  I know that Dickens has had many little girls over his lifetime and I’m sure he could tell some pretty wild stories.

Henley had her second pony ride last night on Dickens. I hand walked him while Jeff walked next to Henley and she of course told him what a good a boy he was and gave him a carrot.  She was grinning ear to ear the whole time and when asked if she was done grabbed he saddle horn and said no one more time. Of course Henley’s dad is going to have to buy her a pony saddle and all the matching gear!

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

2 thoughts on “You’re Best Day

  1. What a beautiful gift you have given Henley. I know she’ll spend many happy hours with her pony.

  2. I was a little girl who’s best friend was a horse. I’m so very great full that Dickens has another Little Girl in his life. He’s the luckiest pony in the world.

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