My life flashed before my eyes…

My life flashed before my eyes…

I have really loved doing morning chores every morning. Listening to the horses munch on their breakfast, collecting those yummy farm fresh butt nuggets the chickens leave me and greeting my sheep each day. Most days this is the best way to start my day … except today was totally different.

There is an order in which things must be done each morning to prevent total mayhem and chaos. First you fill the horse feeders and add their supplements. Next you open the back of the barn door walk out and grab ace to hand walk him to his stall while badger and dickens fallow behind. This was all going great until I went to walk outside and felt something on my face. Thinking it’s just my hair falling out post baby I wiped it away. This is when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I had walked into a spider wed and said spider was on his was to wrap me in silk and drain me of my soul. In complete panic trying to escape with my life and flail my arms wildly to avoid being taken alive I tripped over the boards on the ramp. I’m now falling through the air as chickens are angrily flying everywhere. See what I didn’t mention is that those super delicious butt nuggets come from super obnoxious chickens who can’t be controlled. As I fell out of the barn door to escape death by spider I was set upon by a gang of chickens. Now I’m pretty sure they had assumed their farmer had just had psychotic break and they needed to defend their lives. As chickens descended upon me I’m sure to either rid me of my demons or eat me I look up to see the loving face of my dear wonderful paint horse. His face quite clearly said have you lost your mind quite playing around it’s clearly my breakfast time and you are in my way.

What a delightful way to start my day, rest assured my heart is working just fine if there was any question!

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