Here chicken chicken chicken…

Here chicken chicken chicken…

I had wanted to move the coop for some time so that it would be easier to access and since the girls are getting older they could help do the chicken chores without going into the barnyard with the horses. After laying stone where we wanted the coop to go and moving some fence it was time to get the coop rolling into its new home. As I starting digging out from underneath the coop to put the jack under it so we could get rollers under it I noticed an ominous sight … large bees coming out in increasing numbers.

This was after we had moved the coop and sprayed them … I checked on them today and they they seemed to have survived the assault on their nest just fine.

I am usually of the mind that bees are harmless and will leave you alone if you leave them alone… well I wasn’t leaving them alone I was moving the chicken coop they had built their home under. This is the point I let Jeff take over the digging since I am allergic to bees and he had already been stung twice. We only had one can of wasp spray and that wasn’t going to be enough. Jeff did end up using a fire extinguisher so that we could get the coop moved over the nest without either of us getting attacked by a swarm of angry wood bees.

After hooking chains to the coop and the tractor between me pulling and Jeff switching out the logs we eventually got the coop exactly where we wanted it to be. I gave the girls fresh food, water and bedding with plans to lock them inside of their freshly made house after dark (I 100% forgot to close up the coop last night). Having the coop moved from the middle of the barnyard behind the barn really opened up that space and makes it seem so much bigger! Little Dude and Ace also have really enjoyed being able to stand on the side of the barn and watch the goings on in the yard in hopes of extra treats.

Don’t forget if you are local next week is Yoga on the farm here is the link to the event page on facebook:

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